Hygiene is prime for any traveller. And one way of keeping your hands free of dirt are hand sanitizers.DSC_0138 - Copy

Words & photographs: Ambica Gulati

Some things are essentials and some things are extra. But keeping yourself clean is important, especially if you plan to go to the remote parts. The basic amenities are missing there and sometimes there is not enough water. Even on the highway, the toilets are not clean; sometimes people serving the food don’t have clean clothes on. This is when chances of infection and falling sick become strong.

To prevent all this, I have made a special travel bag, which has some first aid items and some prevention products. A cap, a scarf, a few medicines, Savlon and lately, I found that hand sanitizers have become one of the essentials in this kit. The reason being, in India it’s difficult to find good sanitary conditions, especially if you are traveling by road or rail. While I do prefer to wash hands most of the time, but sanitizers are handy. They help you make the hand bag lighter. You don’t need a towel, soap and containers for them, including a separate plastic bag for keeping the wet items. Small, handy and lightweight, it makes life a lot easier.

Sanitizers have a form of ethyl alcohol which acts as an antiseptic. Himalaya has herbs such as neem, lemon and a softener called hrivera. Which makes it healthy. And this is helpful, should you not find the right place to wash your hands. The best way to use a sanitizer is to take out one or two drops. Rub the hands together, between fingers, around and under the nails, front and back too, until they are dry.

Sanitizers by Himalaya come in different variants such as strawberry, litchi, green apple, orange and plain. You just need a drop and the price starts from Rs 60.

Available at most department stores and chemist shops across the country.