Thai Khun: The Kylin Experience

Miang Kham, the one bite wrap
Miang Kham, the one bite wrap

Among the most popular tourist destinations for Indians, Thailand offers something more than its famous massages. Here’s what Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar has for you.

entranceWords & Photographs: Ambica Gulati

Talk Thailand and you are normally privy to smirks and smiles. But here’s a place where you burp and slurp for the five-star has brought the Thai street experience to its air-conditioned interiors. Known for its south-east Asian cuisine, Kylin is popular in this part of Delhi for its privacy, good service and a well-stocked bar, besides the food.

On a constant roll to attract more and more diners with delicious flavours, the street festival has all the paraphernalia for someone wanting to enjoy hygienic and freshly cooked food in beautiful surroundings. Dim lights, grills and live counters, the food is best savoured with good company and some white wine. But, of course, the palate is yours and the choice rests in your hands. The menu is extensive and the live counters outside will make your choice difficult.

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You might want a bite of char grills to begin with. We dug into pork and prawn skewers and corn on the cob. They come with sauces and the best part—they are served in disposable plates. Chef Lep is making some himself. Then the not-to-be missed are the char grilled dim sums. These are unique, and if you happen to be someone like me who hasn’t been to Thailand as yet, then I would say do try these for sure.

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Among the props, I liked the fruit boat the best, though the colourful umbrellas do give some vibrancy to the place (supported by Thailand Tourism Board in India).

Get your baht for the food
Get your baht for the food

In case, you want to know what the baht looks like, the restaurant is going to give you some currency (real?, you have to go to find out) and you can buy your bowl of soup or plate of skewers.

Fresh and healthy, little wonder the Thai have good skin
Fresh and healthy, little wonder the Thai have good skin

There are special bowl meals too from Bangkok, Pataya, Chiang Mai. We did try the veg curry with sticky rice, the Krabi and Tuk Tuk bowl. There’s ice-cream, red rubies and a fruit platter. We opted for the fresh fruit to wind our dinner with as we were not walking home.

The food was light, scrumptious, suited to the Indian palate, has dips and the grills make it easier to digest. Keeping in sync with its idea to offer something different, the restaurant has priced its platters reasonably. You can get your bowl of soup for as little as Rs 150. The festival is on till August 6, 2017.

What was different for us:

Miang Kham, the one bite wrap
Miang Kham, the one bite wrap

Miang Kham
This one bite wrap came on a paan leaf. It’s not an after food, it is part of the salad, a palate cleanser, I would say and it succeeds beautifully.

The ingredients normally include coconut, shallots, bird’s eye chili, ginger, garlic, lime, among others. What we got was distinct taste of chillies and peanuts. In Thailand, leaves normally used are raw fresh Piper sarmentosum or cha phlu and/or Erythrina fusca or Thong lang. The leaves are normally topped with palm syrup or sugar cane syrup which is normally cooked with lemongrass, galangal, ginger and fish sauce.

Traditionally eaten in Thailand and Laos, this had found its way to the Siamese court of King Rama V through Queen Dara Rasamee. It means ‘one bite wrap’–miang is food wrapped in leaves and kham is a bite. One can even find the dish mentioned in the book, Epic of the Verse of foods by King Rama II. It is more popular in the central region, as the cha phlu leaves are abundant during the monsoon.


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