There’s a place for your photographs and that’s called showcasing them. Here’s a site which offers multiple ways to share your memories with friends, family and even yourself.

Canvera eventEveryone likes to look back and recall the good times. And, of course, the best way to keep that is to take photographs. But they have to go beyond social media and hard disks. They can be framed or they can turn into picture books or even posters. I discovered this to my surprise with Canvera. I am an amateur photographer, experienced writer and now realizing the power of the visual when sprinkled with the right words. For the last one year, I have been working on the art of photography.

I actually needed a place to put my profile together, so was thinking of a picture book, besides online profiles. Something easy to carry around and something for my home too. Exploring the web, I found Canvera which offers a wide range of products such as posters, calendars, photo books, and more. You can even register on their site as a photographer—that was a bonus.

So, I wanted a desktop calendar and poster. But found myself opting for a wall calendar and poster instead. I wasn’t quite sure of the paper or the print quality, else would have been more careful.

Canvera PosterThe process is simple: you choose, you add pictures, you edit and you click on the order. You pay (and it’s not huge pricing) and it gets delivered at your doorstep. You can even gift your works to friends. I liked the idea of this customized souvenirs, photographs turning into treasured moments and lasting for a lifetime.

Canvera calendarThere’s a lot more to the site, but you have to explore that yourself! Make way for happy memories.