Veg Extravganza-The All New Domino's Pizza

All new Domino’s pizza

After gol gappas, samosas, momos, noodles, there’s always pizza. But when it comes with some twists in spices and toppings, there’s only the pizza

Veg Extravganza-The All New Domino's Pizza
Veg Extravganza-The All New Domino’s Pizza

Snacking is fun. Fast food is fun. And when it gets spicier and tangier, it’s more fun. That’s what the new Domino’s pizza is all about. After a week-long suspense of trying to find out what has changed (#BadalGaya), we finally found this change landing on our doorstep.

Though, of course, we had been warned about this change, the internet had been buzzing for a week–yet, it did take us by surprise. The SMS told us our order was on the way and exactly a few minutes later, our doorbell was ringing. From his huge bag, two hot boxes emerged and he asked us to check if the delivery was fine. Yes, it looked fine.

The unveiling was about ripping the boxes open. Out came Vegetarian Extravaganza and Barbecue Chicken. One bite and we could sense a change. Another bite and the softer, tastier crust seemed to go down smoothly. There was just sufficient cheese, not so much that made you feel too gooey, just enough to make it a soft, easy experience. Something was a bit tangy. It was probably the sauce. Then we read and found out that this was special sauce made from Californian tomatoes.

Barbecue Chicken--The All New Domino's Pizza
Barbecue Chicken–The All New Domino’s Pizza

With softier, tastier crunch, better herbs, different sauce, good amount of sauce, the all new Domino’s pizza makes for a delightful change, more so when you want to stay out of the kitchen on a holiday. Try it.

For a traveller: Domino’s has a network of 1125 Domino’s Pizza restaurants across 264 cities (as of July 17, 2017), so there’s no dearth of choice wherever you are in India and Sri Lanka. The price point has not changed and it’s pretty affordable.

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