It’s been a month and cornflakes and parathas have given way to three yum granola flavours. And there is a reason why…

Sustenance Foods--Granola in three flavours
Sustenance Foods–Granola in three flavours

For most Indians, granola is not a popular choice for breakfast or snacking or even carrying around during travels. We go with the traditional dishes, snacks such as dry biscuits and namkeens, and have added the not-so-healthy bread to our daily meals too.

But first, what exactly is granola? Here is how Wikipedia explains it, “Granola is a breakfast and snack food consisting of rolled oats, nuts, honey or other sweeteners such as brown sugar, and sometimes puffed rice, that is usually baked until it is crisp, toasted and golden brown. During the baking process, the mixture is stirred to maintain a loose breakfast cereal consistency. Dried fruit, such as raisins and dates, and confections such as chocolate are sometimes added. Granola, particularly if it includes flax seeds, is often used to improve digestion.” That does sound like a lot of nutrients packed in a handful.

So, granola can be eaten in many ways—with yogurt, milk, honey, fresh fruit, even other cereals such as cornflakes, and nuts. Sometimes, it also becomes a topping for cakes, pastries, ice creams and other desserts. There are granola bars too. That’s your normal granola. Sustenance Food has gone a step ahead and made it gluten-free and suitable for vegans. It is packed with nuts, seeds and sweetened with locally sourced organic honey. This not only made it light and easy, but also digestive. We could have swallowed handfuls on all our trips. It is like a one-stop meal, especially, if you are in places where food is perhaps not to your taste or doesn’t seem hygienic. It also works well when you are camping or trekking. Moreover, we have the bottles with us for over a month, and there has been no change in taste, crispness or flavours.

Sustenance Foods' granola with milk
Granola tastes yum with milk–a healthy breakfast or even midnight snack

We have had it mostly with milk, but it can be substituted for those calorie-laden desserts.

The three flavours of granola by Sustenance Foods
The three flavours of granola by Sustenance Foods

There are three flavours: cranberry and pistachio, fig and walnut and a decadent chocolate and hazelnut. We particularly liked the cranberry and pistachio. The concept note said, “Each batch is hand mixed and baked in small batches at low temperatures to give it a nice crunch and toasty flavour.” And we vouch for this, for it tastes nothing like the other granolas in the market.

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Price: Rs 500 for 230gm bottle

Sustenance Foods’ menu includes granola, preserves and jam, organic coffee, cookies, biscotti, honey, tea cake, flavoured nuts, crackers and indulgent treats.