Browns, yellows and cosy sofas, the restaurant has a very club-like lounge feel and offers global progressive cuisine.

Words & photographs: Ambica Gulati

If you are in a mood to go for a date where there is privacy, sunlight, good food, Trend Bar & Kitchen can be the place. With a soft brown and yellow interior, the restaurant has a comfortable feel. There is a big group sofa seating in the middle, bar stools for those single ones and side tables for those who seek to eat at their own pace. The high ceiling is such a relief, giving the impression of lots of space and air.

Added to this, the food is well plated, fresh and crisp. The focus is on greens and healthy eating, says Chef Sonu. While I was somewhat confused about what was going to be served, I was pleasantly surprised to see the works of art coming on my table. Using different styles of cooking, the restaurant has broken away to recreate dishes that are best eaten at leisure. This kind of meal requires attention and in unlike the regular fare one is used to.

We started with Puffed Aloo Chaat in which the fruits were tandoori and the aloo puffed with dry air. Artichoke and Goat Cheese Flan pleased the eyes as it was very well plated. The slightly sweet taste of the cheese mixed well with the chargrilled artichoke.

For those who like their dishes a little strong, I would say do try Jack Daniels Tandoori Pork Belly. The name explains it all—there is bourbon and pork chunks, but there is also aam papad and the taste goes well with cocktails and even mocktails. I downed it with Soi Kadi Sorbet which was made with kokum and coconut milk. That is a mocktail to remember for I have not had kokum and coconut milk together ever. My companion went in for Cafetini which is made of bourbon, tia maria, bayleaf and foam.

The good times continued as we asked the chef to go a little slow with dishes. Next on the table was Chicken Tikka Triology made up of classic chicken tikka, chicken truffle malai tikka and chicken sarson tikka. These actually depend on the palate—my personal liking was for the sarson which was fresh and tingled the nose.

Next was a bite of Pizza Basilica. This had khasta thin crust and the dough is made fresh in-house. In the main course was the Signature Butter Chicken with chur chur naan. This would please any Indian and perhaps give a taste of India to the tourists. The other interesting dish was Mysore Mutton Masala Thali. The mutton was soft, the Malabar paratha so soft that the layers came into my hands and the curry was tasty.

Bitter Sweet Chocolate Fondant
Bitter Sweet Chocolate Fondant

The meal ended with the signature Bitter-Sweet Chocolate Fondant. The balance in this was the vanilla ice-cream, as the rasberry and chocolate were different flavours but when taken with a spoonful of the ice-cream, they were good.

Trend Bar & Kitchen is a place for those who are willing to spend time on their food, enjoy new flavours and appreciate blends.

Address: CG- 2-3, Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi 
Time: 12pm-1am 
Price: INR 2,000 plus taxes