Probably one of India’s most famous national parks, Jim Corbett National Park, is home to many species of flora and fauna. All of us might not spot the magnificent big cat, but the forest offers many more exciting experiences.  

Bollywood movie kaal was shot in Jim Corbett

This was one of my most thrilling journeys. I had been invited to review the huge Ford Endeavour. And it was going to be my first drive in a SUV. It seemed appropriate to choose something wild to test it out on. I had chosen Jim Corbett National Park. The lure, of course, was the magnificent black and yellow striped tiger. But the pleasure lay in the verdant landscape.

Hit the road, the Ford way
One foot on the accelerator and the beast roared and lunged forward. It took sometime to understand the power of the Ford. This was my first drive in a SUV and the excitement had built up. It just flew over the bad patches and suddenly we were up in the winding hills leading us to Jim Corbett. The air changed, became cooler. The crisp fragrance of sal trees made us stop for a cup of tea at a roadside stall. The mountain air had begun to make us feel at peace.

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