Highlighters by Bharti Taneja, Alps Beauty Clinics And Academy

Looking good, travelling more: A new make-up range by Bharti Taneja

Founder of Alps Beauty Group, the veteran beauty expert has brought out products that can help you look good in a jiffy, anywhere, anytime.

Highlighters by Bharti Taneja, Alps Beauty Clinics And Academy
Words & photographs: Ambica Gulati

Travelling can be exhausting. And when it’s time to party on the go, some products can help. A family run business, Alps Beauty Group has brought out some long-lasting products which can help any woman look good on the go. Founded by Bharti Taneja, Alps now offers highlighters, lipsticks, liners and more. The range is reasonably priced (INR 300 onwards) and lasts for a good one to two years, depending on the product.

While most know her for the beauty services and academy, the family business also includes making furniture and manufacturing machines for the beauty business. “Technology is important,” says the expert who has spent over three decades in the industry, “as machines can help in deeper penetration in the skin. “For controlling wrinkles or fine lines, machines are needed.”

Both her daughters are also make-up artists. The elder one, Gunjan Gaur, is trained in permanent colouring, and the younger one, Ishika Taneja, an airbrush make-up artist, got the Guinness World Record for “Most Faces Airbrushed in One Hour” under which she implemented – 60 make-ups in 60 minutes. Under this, the faces of all the models were fully covered and no two looks were similar. She is also Miss India Tourism and will be representing India at Miss Tourism World 2017-18, to be held in Malaysia in January 2018.

As her daughter, Gunjan Gaur, puts it, “We offer an end-to-end product from a woman for a woman. And why should we go to other countries to get it? This way, we give more employment in the country.”

Taneja says each product takes about six months to reach completion. “These products are rich with vitamins. We have a chain of academies, salons, altogether 45. To name some places-Ahmedabad, Patna, Ranchi, Morabadabad. These products are available on Amazon, other online portals, in malls and at our outlets. I am also developing a new line of skincare products.”

What you can carry easily: Base, highlighters and lipstick.

What to do to look good: A gold or a silver highlighter can help bring the party brightness. You can use it on your face and as an eye shadow.








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