The more natural, the better it is, so the old timers have been saying all along. And packaging the natural benefits of herbs and plants in a bottle is this Premium Weekend Winter Care and Spa Kit, which is also pocket-friendly.

Premium Weekend Winter Care & Spa by Indus ValleySkin care can’t be overlooked during a journey, especially during cold weather. As the cold exposes the skin to dry air, the skin tends to flake and break. Sometimes, the cuts can be deeper than we perceive and this could become a hassle during a journey.

So, when I was sent this pack for review, I thought it seemed just the thing I needed for my travel bag. And I wasn’t proven wrong. Even though the pack said INR 1,999 for this pack, I wasn’t prepared for the number of items in the pack.

Premium Weekend Winter Care & Spa by Indus ValleyThere was skin care oil with herbs, cold pressed Almond oil, extra virgin and cold pressed coconut oil, Argan hair care oil and shampoo, a hair spa mask with herbs, olive massage oil and a night cream too. That kind of took care of the entire winter time. Oils can be used on the skin as well as hair, so even if the pack might be a lot to carry, you can take your pick from what suits you.

My first trial was with almond oil–massaged my hair and left it on for a day. And then washed it with argan shampoo and applied the hair spa mask. I was pleased when the hair dried. The dryness had come down a lot. The hair care oil acts as a serum and is non-greasy. I have yet to use that.

Retexturing night cream: Premium Weekend Winter Care & Spa by Indus ValleyThe night cream is light and keeps the skin supple. I particularly liked the skin care oil, which penetrated deeply and the skin was deeply nourished in the night. It was non-sticky too and did not lead to rashes or any other issues.

What I liked: The oils going in deep but not leaving a sticky layer was the best thing I liked about the products, as during travels stickiness means more dirt! Browsing through their site, I found that the products are designed to combat pollution and stress, which works well for a traveller. Available here