While the sun is life, it is also a skin spoiler. Here are five tips from dermatologist and cosmetologist Dr Navin Taneja, founder of The National Skin Centre, on keeping the skin bright in all seasons and anywhere in the world:
Dr Navin Taneja, founder The National Skin Centre1

1. Always remain hydrated: Eat proper food like fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, egg white, water and fresh juices. Don’t be in a hurry for the right food helps keep the skin hydrated.

2, Carry a sunblock and repeat it every two-three hours: Put on your sunscreen half-an-hour before leaving. And repeat it every few hours, for there is no point in doing it once. The effect wears off soon and then with exposed skin, there is more damage. You tan faster and age faster. For wheatish skin, SPF 30 with ph balance of PA+++ is good. For whitish skin, SPF 50 is good.

3. Sanitize and moisturize: While hand sanitizers are good, you also need to keep the hands moisturized or they start ageing. Sanitizers dry the skin, so always moisturize.

4. Exfoliate at night and rejuvenate: It’s best not to scrub the face in the day as that exposes the skin. Scrub and moisturize at night.

5. Don’t use a soap with detergents: Some chemicals damage the skin. If you need to clean the face too often, its best to ask the doctor what suits your skin best. Water is the best cleanser.

About Dr Navin Taneja
Dr Navin Taneja, (MD) Dermatologist & Cosmetologist, started The National Skin Centre in 1991. This Delhi-based centre offers scientific treatments using US FDA approved technology such as excision of skin lesions and warts by radiodermo surgery, vitiligo (leukoderma), psoriasis, acne, eczema, laser hair reduction, cellulite treatment, skin rejuvenation therapies and more. Treatments are available for children, adolescents and adults.
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My experience: Age and sun can prove to be extremely damaging. But the centre offers laser skin rejuvenation, which takes about an hour. And the results are instantaneous. I saw an improvement in the colour and after 10 days, I saw a reduction in fine lines. It helps in reducing pigmentation and giving a better tone to the skin. The number of sessions depends on the skin type and the problems. It is good to keep a gap of 45 days between sessions, as collagen stimulation takes some time. The full face and neck treatment costs approx INR 12,500. Check http://www.thenationalskincentre.com/Laser-Skin-Rejuvenation.html

Calamine is good for skin
Sometimes you don’t need expensive creams

My suggestion: Take the expert’s advice and then opt for the right course of treatment. Follow the skin care regime as prescribed for better results. Get your skin tested and know what suits you. Expensive products might be lucrative but you might not need them at all!

Things to remember: Night creams and anti-ageing creams help but only with fine lines. Bleaching is fine as long as a lot of bleach is not used. Any redness or rash means you need to stop. Don’t be too aggressive with the skin. Treat it gently.