Hair Care For Travellers: Keratin By GK Hair

While running around the countryside, literally, or even across the globe is fun, taking care of your hair is important too.

Words & Photographs: Ambica Gulati

Dust, grime, fatigue, bad eating habits or unhealthy food, travel is most certainly not about discipline. But between journeys, taking a day off to pamper your hair and skin is a good idea. With frequent travels, my hair was all frizzy and dirty. The dryness wouldn’t go, so keratin was an attempt to get some shine and control back.

Protection With Juvexin
Sarvjit, the head technical trainer with GK Hair, enlightened that keratin nourished the hair with proteins; protects and strengthens it too. The difference in this keratin was the chemical composition and the addition of juvexin. This is an amino acid which is obtained from wool. GK Hair procures it from the sheep in New Zealand as the quality is good. Why juvexin? This amino acid is the same that is found in human hair and helps nourish it.

The Steps
Hair washed with a special shampoo, which is left on the hair for five minutes. And then the keratin is put in. It is left for 30 minutes. And then hair is ironed out, ensuring that every bit of it goes in. The entire process takes 120-180 minutes.

After Keratin
With good care, the effects last for close to three months. The company advises two washes a week. There is a special shampoo, conditioner and serum kit too. If one doesn’t wish to go for another round, then taking a deep conditioning treatment helps for another 6-8 washes. Avoid sulphur-based shampoos.

Keep In Mind

  • Best to get all the hair colouring done before the treatment.
  • But if this doesn’t happen, root touch-up can be done after three days.
  • Global hair colour after 15 days.
  • Do not oil your hair for 15 days. After that only oil the scalp.

My Verdict

  • Straightened, smooth hair with less breakage was the immediate effect.
  • Even after the first wash, the hair stayed smooth.

Available at all high-end salons across India.

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