Return Of The Lunchbox

A lot goes into my luggage, including a Tupperware lunchbox packed with fruits and home cooked food, which gives me healthier way of life, even on the road.

Tupperware’s MyLunch Set of 2: INR 980
Tupperware’s MyLunch Set of 2: INR 980

During the school days, lunch was always packed by mommy. But the lunchbox had to be pretty and happy. There was a Disney character on it, coercing me to dig in. As the move came to higher studies, the lunchbox disappeared. The streets became Disneyland, offering more exciting fare. But as my feet led me inside an office, foils replaced the conventional boxes. As I gained experience, the foils disappeared and cafés and fast food became the norm. Then as age crept in, childhood habits began to come back. Out came two boxes filled with home-cooked food, snacks and fruit.

Later when travel became a way of life, food was what was offered by the host. But the hunger pangs rise and swell while moving from home to the host hotel/resort/homestay etc, which is quite a distance most of the times. While train or flight food has been a choice, it’s probably not the healthiest of ways to keep fit, if you are avid traveller or if you have been travelling non-stop for days like me in the last few months. Going back to childhood is the best way—carry your own lunch and snack box. Now that I am much, much older, taking out a lunchbox with Disney splashed on it, is probably not so cool. Neither do I want a cheap, dirty thing which doesn’t keep my food fresh. So, Tupperware offers some nice lunchboxes.

The quality is good, the food remains fresh for a long time, the curry doesn’t spill out and it’s super cool to look at. The rectangular box doesn’t take up much space either. I can ask the host kitchen to fill it with fruit and lighter snacks and these last far longer than what I thought. While it may seem a bit tacky to take out your own lunchbox on a flight (I mean who carries their own lunch in an airplane!) but then health matters. Make your lunchbox a super classy one on any trip you take, just like I have been doing for the last two months.

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