In My Travel Bag: Himalaya Wellness FootCare Cream

Chill in the air and cracks in your heels—this special cream with turmeric helps smoothen the skin and ease off cracks.

Himalaya Herbals Ayurvedic FootCare Cream

Happy feet are a traveller’s feet. But the happy feet go to a lot of places and in all kinds of seasons. Tiredness, lack of resources and bad weather all tend to have an effect on these happy feet. And then these lose their suppleness and become dry. Excessive dryness leads to cracks and sometimes bleeding also. It’s not just unhealthy, the cracks and dryness can also lead to infections. Now, that doesn’t work for a traveller.

On a recent trip to the northeast of India, I started developing tiny cracks. I got Himalaya’s FootCare cream from a chemist and used it twice daily. The cream had promised a 3-way deep moisturizing effect. It would make the skin soft, increase moisturizing content and keep the feet moisturized for a long while. It fulfilled all the three promises.

What’s In It

With ingredients such as turmeric, honey, fenugreek, the natural combination didn’t even make it sticky. I cleaned my feet thoroughly and ensured that no dirt was left in the cracks or on the edges of the heels. Then on the slightly wet feet I applied the cream which worked better for me. I wore socks so as that I didn’t add more dirt or exposed the feet to dryness. And in four days, I saw a visible difference. The cracks had begun to repair. The heels no longer had hard edges and I was walking without fear of blood or pain.

The cream is available pan India. Price: INR 110 for a 50gm tube; INR 50 for 20gm. The tube makes it easy to carry around in the bag or the pouch.

13 thoughts on “In My Travel Bag: Himalaya Wellness FootCare Cream

  1. I’ve used Himalayan products before and always thought them good quality for a great price. Anything with Tumeric in it is good as far as I’m concerned!


  2. While I have not used this particular product, I have used many other Himalaya products. I can assure you that Himalaya products are reliable from my own experience.


  3. I’ve never used Himalaya Foot Care Cream before. But it sounds like a great product to have especially for dry skin and those travelers who love outdoors. Thank you for the recommendation!


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