In My Travel Bag: Alanna’s Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

You travel in all seasons and for all reasons. However, following a beauty regime helps keep the skin healthy, even if it’s just a morning and night one.

Natural and chemical-free products by Alanna, India
Not just natural ingredients, even the packaging is soft

The more you travel, the more care you need. And then the search leads to more natural and chemical-free skincare products. My search led me to a company which I had not tested before. I do like experimenting though and this one turned out to a good experience

Alanna’s USP: Started in 2015, the company offers handmade natural skincare products. These are Sulphate-free, Paraben-free and the brand refrains from animal testing, therefore cruelty-free and vegan too.

What I carried from Alanna on my recent trip:

  • Wild Rose Body Butter (INR 500): This rose-infused body butter cream promised to help with abrasions, scars, acne, strengthening the skin cells by regenerating skin tissues and giving a calming effect. Yes, it certainly helped for I was staying in mid-budget hotels which didn’t have any amenities, so it helped when the skin got dry and at night. I didn’t get up with itchy feel or flaky skin. What I didn’t know was that it has a natural SPF 25-30 or I would have used it in the day as well. Well, there is always another trip!
  • Mosquito Repellant (INR 350): I am so glad I had this, for the mosquitoes in Assam are much bigger than their counterparts in Delhi. And they seem to like me a lot. However, with this I managed to have sound sleep and not get bitten every few seconds. A blend of Calendula, garlic, amla and reetha extracts, it was in a spray bottle. However, this did not smell bad as it had rose, citronella, clove, peppermint, lemongrass oils. The combination worked as a disinfectant and anti-septic.
  • Lavender and Face Mist (INR 250): Light and easy on the skin, it worked well whenever I felt tired. With lavender and mint oils, this mist helped in reviving the skin in an instant. The cooling effect worked well in the sun, more so on sensitive skin. It did work as a toner too.
  • Lemongrass soap (INR 175): With a rich lather, the soap left the skin soft and fragrant. Lemongrass has anti-microbial properties, so when you are constantly moving around, it works well. The added advantage of this soap is that helps in minimizing the pores and acts as an anti-pigmentation agent.
  • Lemon Lip Balm (INR 200): With continuous movement, lack of drinking water, the lips got dry more often. Then, this balm helped. It acted as an instant moisturizer. The long term benefits include reduction of darkness.

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