An amalgam of all that is creative, this extravaganza will make Delhi’s heart beat a little loudly this February.

Navrasa Duende Global Carnival“We pursue Navrasas and create Duende out of it” that’s how the site explains their purpose! And for sure, with them a carnival takes a different turn. The creative in all forms is going to land at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium from February 23-25, 2018. The ‘Navrasa Duende Global Carnival’ will include all genres of arts–indian/western/world- classical, rock, pop, jazz, folk, electronic music, classical, popular music and dance concerts, theatre, photography/cartooning/painting/sculpture exhibitions. In addition there will be a screening of feature films and documentaries, wellness sessions, interiors product exhibitions, literary events, fashion shows and more.

What’s In It: See the video and buy your tickets at

About Navrasa Duende

It globally promote arts and entertainment in a very holistic way, covering music, dance, theatre, cinematic arts, performing & visual arts, fashion, literature, architecture, and wellness… All forms of arts and entertainment evoke Demons and Gods within us and the experience is to differentiate Gods from Demons or vice versa. Artists and critics thrive on exploiting harnessing our dilemma. We believe such dilemmas are not vulnerabilities, but strength in our intellectual and emotional pursuit. Navrasa Duende would like to share your quest and make your dilemma even more interesting.