At the India Design week 2018, young Nehmat Mongia showcased some of her paintings at the Le Meridien pop-up.

Words: Ambica Gulati

Among the few hotels who believes art makes the world an interesting and colourful place, Le Meridien plays host to artists and creators quite often. Here, talent finds room and one such example is Nehmat Mongia. A student of third year at the College of Arts, Delhi, Mongia has been scribbling from the moment she could grasp a pencil. “Art is life,” she smiles.

Among the more striking artworks at the pop-up was the one titled ‘The Origin’. Surprisingly she made this with her childhood friend Disha Matreja during their summer holidays after the first year in college. The Origin talks about the womb, from whither comes universe. The different pieces represent the different fragments that make up earth and this universe. “I see energy all around and it’s in different forms, colours and comes from one source,” says Mongia. The artwork was on four different canvases. The tiny pieces were made separately by the two friends comprising chemicals and acrylic paints. Three months later, the two friends became creators of this colourful, explosive universe. Matreja’s forte is in creating art with coffee. “I use the regular coffee, nothing expensive,” she says.

Mongia has been approached by online galleries for putting up her artworks for sale and hopes to do more exhibitions in the future. She also takes workshops for young ones where a friend plays music and students learn to draw. “If I don’t work for a day, I feel lost,” says the artist who can’t keep away from colours come what may.