Travel Bag: Know Your Plug Types

Browsing through the multiple groups on Facebook, I found this really useful advice from 

As the world becomes smaller and smaller, the need for certain accessories becomes a necessity. And plugs are surely the most needed for this digital world. Denea explains the different plug types for different places.

Have you ever landed in a new country with a phone desperately on 2% in need of a charge, found a power outlet just in time and…didn’t have the right plug? Bugger. Plug and socket configurations can be confusing and yet, knowing which plug adaptor you need to have in advance helps you plan for any electrical eventuality.

Quick-Look Plug Adaptor Travel Tips:

  • Check your destination country’s plug types on the list to make sure you have the right adaptors
  • Buy at least 2 adaptors to take with you
  • Check the voltage on your devices before you plug them in at your destination country
  • Invest in a multi-location adaptor, even better if it has extra USB outlets

There’s a lot more to this, and you can read it at


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