Tzvika Furman, Mixologist, Playground, JW Marriott, Aerocity, Delhi

Expert Speak: Tzvika Furman, Mixologist, Playground, JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity

Tzvika Furman, Mixologist, Playground, JW Marriott, Aerocity, DelhiFrom environment-friendly practices to new drinks, the expat shares all that goes on behind the bar

How would you define mixology? How is it different from bartending?
I see mixology as the knowledge and understanding of flavour components and the art of combining them together. Being a bartender, one has to be a mixologist and host, hence it’s vital to keep a balance of both.

What are the current trends on mixology in the international markets? And what do you bring to India from your experience?
If we talk about the current trends in the industry, it is important to realize that each one of us has a sense of responsibility towards our environment. This can be achieved by monitoring the waste that is generated and by stopping the use of straws and plastic bottles. The current trends also revolve around the evolvement of more female mixologist which is a commendable thing.

For the current trends in mixology, we see a growth in artisanal and local spirits like gin, rum and agave spirits like tequila and mescal.

If I speak about me, I aim to bring my passion for hospitality and the love of fresh ingredients to India.

What are the most popular cocktails in Playground?
The most popular drinks at the Playground are the Spicy Pineapple Margarita and the Herb Tea Cooler. Both of them are sweet, sour and refreshing.

Are cocktails the preferred choice of young ones, women and men as well?
I really can’t associate drinking cocktails only to a certain gender or age group. As our guests today are well travelled and thoroughly updated with the current trends, we see more foodies across all ages and genders that are interested in the bar experience.

Can you share the secret of pairings with cocktails–how does it work in terms of tastes, flavours and textures?
My personal secret is that I emphasize on the food and drinks pairing. Both the drink and dish has to work together. So for bold dishes with a strong flavour, I pair them with something light and refreshing and vice-versa.

Which is your favourite cocktail?
My personal favourite is the Daiquiri. It’s a classic blend of rum, lime and sugar.

How often do you redesign the menu for the bar?
A Playground, we used fresh ingredients in our drinks. Hence, depending upon the availability of the ingredients, the menu changes.

What new things can we expect at Playground?
I see the Playground as an evolution for what I call it as “The Dive Bar”. It is an exceptional get-together place for friends and families. We use modern techniques for our drinks and we also try to keep it simple so that the guests can enjoy the flavours. It is definitely the perfect place to hang out.

With 11 years in the hospitality industry, he was worked with The Norman Hotel, Tel Aviv, as a bartender and at Hide & Seek bar, Chalandri , Greece, as head bartender between 2014 and 2016. At French 57, Tel Aviv, as co-owner and mixologist Furman led all operations and activities such as training and recruitment, handling the inventory and costs and structured the food and wine pairing for the establishment.


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