Zynk Fitness, Gurugram, India

Zynk Your Way To Fitness

Lagging in stamina or tired after your travels, Electro Muscle Stimulation is helpful, as we checked out at Gurugram’s Zynk.

Zynk Fitness, Gurugram, IndiaWeight loss, muscle strength, boosting performance, EMS or Electro Muscle Stimulation can help, say Nitish Jha and the trainer Inder. EMS is a method that amplifies the natural process of muscle contraction. Once the muscle is stimulated, it adds more strength and the body works better. A 30-minute session is equivalent to an hour in the gym. Two sessions are recommended in a week.

“The workout is a personalised session. And the person needs to wear a special suit which is all wired up. This works with a remote and the trainer monitors you every second,” says Jha.

The fitness centre houses a body analysis machine. Inder guided us on where the fat was centred, how much we should lose and how often we would need a workout. The centre also has an in-house nutritionist because monitoring food is as important as working out.

The centre offers home service too. On cleanliness, the suit is washed regularly and all sizes are available. The treatment is suitable for most people, unless guided otherwise by the doctor. To know more, click http://www.zynkindia.com/

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