Behind The Bar


As part of its exclusive Circle Series, Taj City Centre Gurugram had a DIY Mixology class with award-winning mixologist Pankaj Kamble. Along with guests, we the media, got to make our own cocktails. The class started with knowledge about liquor used for making those yum cocktails. And then we learned the trick and the art—it’s more than shake and serve. The right amount of ice, the kind of ice cubes, the way you shake it, the amount of mixture and finally the glass you serve it in that makes the cocktail the winning one. Next time you are in the hotel, do watch what the bartender does behind the bar at Tease!

40 & Colombian Coffee


The iconic Machan at Taj Mansingh, Delhi turned 40 and ended the week-long celebrations with a masterclass on Colombian coffee by Master Chef Alejandro Gutierrez and Juan Manuel Ortiz from Colombia. The duo handles the kitchen of the famous Salvo Patria which has been awarded by The Diners Club World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy. While they talked about coffee from the different regions of Columbia, we asked them about India. Apparently, this was their first time and enjoyed with the guests in the hotel. They liked Indian food but sometimes the spices were a wee bit too strong for them. But the warmth of India is quite like the warmth of Columbia and they hope to come back for more to India and South East Asia.

Peruvian Flavours


The Embassy of Peru in India gave us a surprise when it shelled out four books on Peruvian cuisine. During this journey, we got to know that the humble potato originated in this South American country. And then there was rice and corn; Peru has a delectable purple corn which is missing in India though.

However, it’s not just the Nazca lines that we would like to go to Peru for, there is Pisco too. You get a wide range of cocktails with this liquor. And the choice of cuisine is equally vast for Indians.

SWAD Of The World
SWAD Desh Videsh Ka, Nehru Place, Delhi, India

Daring to walk the veg path, SWAD Desh Videsh Ka in Nehru Place, Delhi offers a range of dishes from across the globe. The fast-food casual restaurant offers a different experience in gastronomy with platters that are bound to satiate veg lovers.