Mouthwatering kebabs and delicious curries from the land of the nawabs for dinner till June 24

Kebabs at Earthen Oven, Fortune Inn Grazia Noia, IndiaThink Lucknow, think Hyderabad and your mouth begins to water thinking of the kebabs, the biryanis, the curries and the delectable rotis. That’s all we tasted at the Earthen Oven. The focus is on delicious, authentic food at this hotel which falls under the ITC umbrella. And for those like mangoes, there is a pulpy mango fest also on in which shakes, smoothies, aam panna, mango desserts make for good accompaniments.

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries at Earthen Oven, Fortune Inn Grazia Noida, IndiaWhat We Liked: The galoutis were truly melt-in-the-mouth. Something which just slunk down the throat in the first bite—beetroot and dahi galouti kebabs. While most would certainly opt for the mutton galoutis, be sure to dig into the vegetarian ones too.

In the main course, gulnar paneer, chicken curry and sheermal are a must on your plate. Sip the aam panna along with it. It’s not just the softness of the paneer or the chicken; it’s the soft and creamy curries that make this a yum meal.

Mango rabri (left) and mango phirni, Earthen Oven, Fortune Inn Grazia Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Mango rabri (left) and mango phirni, Earthen Oven, Fortune Inn Grazia Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Among the desserts—you just can’t miss the mango phirni. It’s one of those finger-licking desserts served in an earthen cup.

“People do ask for lesser calories and oils, so we have tried to keep it light,” says Chef Sharma who heads the hotel’s kitchen. Nevertheless, we must warn you to keep your stomach empty when going for this dinner (7-11pm). There are live counters too.

Décor & Service: The hotel tries to create a mood by making it thematic during the festivals, so you do see some jazzy kites on the walls. The yellow plates and smiling staff make it a smooth experience.