If you can eat it, you can definitely put in on your skin—that’s APS Cosmetofood organic skincare for you.


With a manufacturing unit located in the lush valley of Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh, the skincare range comprises serums, spring water, creams and masks. On the anvil are plans to develop an SPF 50 sunscreen, says managing director Himanshu Chadha. Among the latest additions to the range are Gaspacho Vitality Serum which is an anti-burn tomato serum and quite apt for the Indian summer, Basil and Mint Mojito Serum, Green Tea and Aloe Vera serum again works best for the Indian weather, giving the skin a cooling effect.

Organic is a tough game for this company for the farmers need to be convinced to grow organic and “we need to pick the best yield for our products”, clarifies Chadha. His entire family uses this range and the consumer is “the brand ambassador”.

The USP: The products are made from ECOCERT Certified organic ingredients, the products are tasteable, not tested on animals and vegan, free of paraben or any animal by-products, and any other harsh chemical.

There is a professional and home care range. The smaller packs are easy to carry around for travellers.

The Refreshing Whey Protein Eye Mask is something that every gadget freak needs for it is sure to take away the tiredness around the eye area within a week, Chadha assures.