Travel Gear: Force 10 by Liberty Shoes

Shoes make or break a trip. Here’s what I felt about my new pair.

Liberty shoes, Force 10, travel gear

While some might prefer the lacey ones, I like slip-ons. They are handy in many places, more so if you want to sit by the river or walk in the grass. And that’s what I did on this trip to Tirthan.

The sole is thick enough to take the slightly rough terrain. I walked on the rocks by the river without slipping. The shoes went into thick mud but the slime did not stick on long. The material is comfortable and the shoe does not stretch or get spoiled with longer use. I did not see the change in the shape during the three days of this mountain sojourn. unlike many shoes where the toes get squashed and pain, this shoe surely gains brownie points there. No hurting, no toe turning, the shoe does not slip. Also, they are very light and easy to carry.

Walking on the hilly terrain of Sarchi, a little village in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh, IndiaThe Force 10 collection from Liberty shoes will work for anyone going for lighter walks in a stylish pair. However, for those who prefer not to wear lighter shades, there is a dark variant.

Among the oldest shoes companies in India, Liberty Shoes has different collections for different choices.

USP: Affordable pricing and easy availability across the country.

Price: INR 2,199

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