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How important is a suitcase in the life of a traveller? What a redundant question—it’s the life of a traveller. And when this suitcase becomes a light, easy backpack in which you can stuff everything needed for a weekend, or even three days, then your trip is kind of sorted. You don’t need to worry about the heaviness, lugging huge suitcases or extra baggage and also lack of space.

Multifunctional backpack, mufubu.comBrowsing through multiple sites, I discovered which offered quite a range. There were smart backpacks, anti-theft backpacks, some with USB. I searched for something which I could carry easily, anywhere, anytime, without worrying about the wear and tear and the weight.

So, this black multifunctional one by KAKA seemed to fill all my requirements.

Going by the features: It is water resistant, can take in a 15.6 inch laptop, 9.7 inch iPad, clothes, shoes etc. This suits me for I travel regularly and to some off-beat places where little space and more air is around. Even in the rain, I didn’t bother for the water just slipped down the high density polyster. There is enough cushioning for the laptop.

Multifunctional backpack, mufubu.comThere are lots of pockets and divisions, so you can easily pack in the small things there.

There is a Shoe Pocket, Computer Interlayer, Cell Phone Pocket, Interior Zipper Pocket, Interior Slot Pocket.

Multifunctional backpack, mufubu.comThe quality of the zip is good. The bag was so light on the shoulders and I had stuff for three days.

Backpack measurement: 32 x 23 x 50cm and

Weight: 1.2kg.

The site also offers other kinds of backpacks such as laptop, fashion, leisure and more. The price range starts at INR 999.

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