Ensure for a healthy me!


Remember some time back I had mentioned I was taking Ensure because I travel so often. If you don’t, then here is a reminder. Now, it’s been over 90 days and I want to share how it has helped.

Ensure for a healthy me!
My fave: Chocolate flavour from Ensure

The precise reason I had started drinking Ensure was because I needed more strength as I on the move 20 days in a month. Constant travel was taking a toll on my health. Sometimes it was the food, sometimes the travel time, sometimes just mood!

Ensure has many good nutrients and it has lived up to its promise. I have been drinking it once a day without fail. And I certainly notice that I don’t feel sick between travels. Moving through different climates and places also has acclimatisation challenges and Ensure has ensured that I don’t face these. I feel I can walk about for longer periods. I can sustain the different weathers without feeling any physical discomfort. In fact, come to look back, I have not even had light fever which used to happen due to tiredness. Nor is there any dizziness due to the noise that I go through.

Ensure has also ensured that my bone strength increases. With age, the bone density does come down, but I do not feel any such skeletal discomfort. I walk straight and I can stand for a long while. I also manage to carry my luggage bag on my shoulders. I certainly have more energy and accomplish a lot more in a day.

Sometimes on the go, I don’t get good quality food, but I have managed it well with Ensure. It is gluten free and I don’t feel hungry for longer periods. It certainly has changed the way I live and travel.

Ensure has ensured in all ways that I live a healthy, complete life. Moreover, the availability is so good. I just order it from any of the online stores such as Amazon, Grofers and Big Basket and there’s always enough stock at home. Thanks to Ensure, I am living my #EnsureAStronger2018 New Year resolution in the happiest manner—doing what I do best, that is travel!

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