5 Ways Paytm App Makes Your Travel Easy

The answer to every problem is a smartphone! So when you are on the move and want things to be done in a jiffy, a good app can sort out all the issues.

Paytm offers multiple cashback offers and facilitates money transfers. So when you are travelling, you don’t need to carry cash with you all the time and there is a solution for practically almost all your needs.

If you are an avid traveller like me, Paytm has you sorted. Read on to know more about how Paytm makes train tickets booking process easy.

Paytm app

  1. There are good offers on flights. There’s cash back and then there’s a referral scheme as well. You get a certain amount for every friend who books tickets. Then there are special offers if you book three tickets. You can also tap into the non-stop flight option. The best feature I liked was the fare alert. That kind of helps when one is looking out for deals. There is a flat cashback of Rs 2,000 for tickets booked for 4 people. There are terms and conditions, of course, and it’s best to read those first. There are ways to win multiple gifts, such as Flyday. Keep using the app to see what’s new in store.#paytmkaro
  2. Planning a journey to nearby town and you need to book train tickets for yourself, your family, friends? This is among the easiest things to do. It is just a few second process. The app can search for trains. All you need to do is fill in your details. You can sort and filter trains. If you keep money in your Paytm Wallet, the process is smoother. The app does not have any service charges, unlike most sites or operators. In case of failed booking, the money is credited back to the wallet in 15 minutes. You can book another ticket immediately. Should any need for cancellation arise, then also all is take care of. The money is credited back to your wallet in 7-10 working days. To top it, there is 24×7 Support. You can reach the customer care executives on at 9555395553 regarding refund, cancellation or any other query. So for all your train bookings, #Paytmkaro.
  3. If you go on bus journeys regularly, then a bus card could bring you good cash back. These are credited to your Paytm wallet after five bookings. Different tour agents offer different discounts. In case you have a preference, then you can check these out.
  4. A good feature is Free Cancellation. For a small amount, this is applicable for flights and buses. In case, you need to change dates or there are emergencies, then this helps to save money.
  5. If you are keen on exploring the world around and want to see some interesting things with experts, then do explore the events section. This has listings of some good treks, daily tours to villages or nearby places and good walks. In Delhi, I found ‘Djinn Tales’, ‘Uprising Through Ghalib’s Poetry’, ‘Nazm-e-Nizamuddin’. In the more exotic places, I saw ‘Hampta Pass Trek’, ‘Spiti Valley Trek’ and lots more. There are regular updates and new additions to this section.

So, what are you waiting for? #Paytmkaro!


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