With colourful packaging, the organic and herbal infusions come in a variety of flavours that make travel fun.

Typhoo Tea in a colourful bag and packagingImagine carrying different flavours for different times of the day. Privy to a tea tasting session by more than a century-year-old brand, we got to taste the new infusions. Light, flavourful and easy to carry around, the five were Triple Mint, Misty Darjeeling, Lemongrass, Night Time and Root Remedy.

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While Triple Mint has three types of mints, Root Remedy has three kinds of roots—ginger, ginseng, turmeric. Misty Darjeeling gets its name from the mist that collects in the mountains where it grows and has fresh garden fragrance. Lemongrass needs no introduction and Night Time is a relaxant with chamomile and rose.

  • While drinking a lot of green tea is not advised, herbal infusions are a different ballgame.
  • Best drunk in a cup with white inside and dipped for merely two to three minutes.
  • Do turn the pack over to see how it is best drunk.
  • The caffeine-free infusions are Night Time, Root Remedy.
  • Priced at INR 210 per 20 sachets, they are easy to carry around and the packaging is another attraction.
  • Available pan-India.Typhoo tea, UK

The 115-year-old Typhoo, UK’s third largest tea brand, operates in India under the banner of Apeejay Surendra Group.