Goodknight mosquito machine

5 Reasons To Carry A Mosquito Repellent On Your Travels

Avoid mosquito menace and enjoy your trips

Walking around in the forest“If there was the last mosquito left on Earth, it would bite me before dying,” I always tell my friends whenever we go out. While I may not like mosquitoes, they do like me for some unknown reason! Scratch, hit and fly hands in the air, that’s what my most outdoor trips were initially like, until I began to carry mosquito repellents with me.

Mosquito biteWhy do mosquitoes bite some people more than the others?
There are many scientific reasons such as odour, colour, blood type, bacteria et al. But god forbid, should you be bitten, there can be fatal repercussions. Last year, it was chikanguniya, dengue is a common enough problem and then there are allergies and skin rashes. There are many mosquito repellents available in the market. While one can rub them on the skin, there are mosquito repellent machines too.

Why carry mosquito repellents or mosquito machines:

  1. We all know that mosquitoes breed in dirty water and if you are camping or around many such water bodies where the water is stagnant, then you surely need protection.
  2. Mosquitoes also breed in meadows and irrigated land, wherever there are depressions. So, if you are on a farm or agri trip, then also mosquito repellents are needed.
  3. Need one give a reminder that forests, marshes, tall grasses and weeds any ground that is wet the year through are all breeding grounds. So, wildlife lovers and adventure junkies too need something to safeguard from these little, stingy creatures.
  4. In warm and humid tropical regions, some species are constantly active. So, if you are in these regions, then protection is needed.
  5. Mosquitoes are active at dawn and dusk and they are active at certain temperatures. So, if you are travelling in zone where temperature is 50℉or higher, then you should carry mosquito repellents.

While only the females suck bloods, the human eye can’t really distinguish between male and female bloodsuckers. Some hotels in India do have mosquito repellent machines but carrying one with you is always a safeguard. Just in case you don’t find one, then there’s a real Goodknight in your bag, which is really your bright knight.

Goodknight mosquito machineChoose your mosquito repellent machine
If you browse through the Goodknight products, you will find many kinds of mosquito repellents—from coils, patches, roll-ons, gels to power chips, machines and fast cards. So, depending on what suits you and what is feasible in a certain terrain, you can keep one in your bag. I, personally, have started keeping roll-ons, as they work well in any condition.

So, carry mosquito repellents and have good trips!

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