Kalash @T1, Delhi airport, Diwali celebration installation

Bedazzled By Diwali Lights At Delhi’s Swanky Airport

With each passing year, Diwali celebrations ring in more joy and more light. And the passengers enjoy the festival of lights at the modern airport too. Mesmerizing forms and artistic installations add a lot of cheer to the glass and concrete building.

airport highway arch

Slow down to see the highway arch. The dazzling geometric lights with diyas are a blend of the modern and the traditional lights.

And the play of patterns continues at the entrance as they create a bright ambience.

hangings airport

Created to form a natural arch, the hanging flames lit up with bulbs add more zing to the interiors.

crystal fireworks airport

T3D, the Crystal Fireworks spread the message of ‘Go Green’. Made up 100+ crystal strings and 8000+ pixel lights, this technology and structure has been brought into India for the first time. The structure has been created via 4D Holographic rendering and each crystal string showcases different light formations at the same time. The Digital Fireworks is a step towards in promoting a Cracker Free Diwali, while still giving everyone an opportunity to partake in the traditional festivities.

glass flame airport

Keep walking and see the Glass Flame in which is nestled a beautiful lotus representing Goddess Lakshmi. The arches inspired by Indian palaces have diya motifs which bring in the nostalgia of traditional earthen Diwali lamps.

Inspired by the puja thali, a Diwali altar artistically combines the beautiful lotus, representating Goddess Lakshmi, with multiple diyas at the base, all creating a mesmerising form.

kalash T1

The Kalash Installation at T1 has been inspired by all things quintessentially Diwali. The coin-filled kalash represents the festival of Dhanteras, the lotus signifies Goddess Lakshmi and the diyas and an array of lamps are a beautiful representation of Indian culture.

Diwali Standees, shaped like a candle with a shiny golden flame on top, spread the festive cheer and warmth all over the airport.

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