Bright Face, Happy Feet

Different weather, different seasons and different reasons—the open air does leave its mark, more so if you travel a lot. And then we came to know about Victoria’s Clinic by Aadya. Located in Delhi’s plush GKI market, this clinic offers various beauty treatments.What's there

Our concerns were pigmentation, dark circles, acne marks and fine lines. The clinic has Alma Q machines and has therapists with over a decade of experience. A long chat with the founder, Aadya, revealed that she would like every woman to have a glow on her face. Depending on the treatment, the age, the skin’s demands and the regime, the issues are addressed over a period of time. “Some might heal fast, some slowly, some need more sessions—each concern is handled in a unique manner,” she says.

What we went for:

Laser toning: the result of the laser lies in its correct use. The gentle light targets the deeper dermal layers of the skin to promote skin regeneration, without damaging the outer layer of skin. This treatment assists in reducing pigmentation, promotes skin lightening, helps in treating fine lines and wrinkles, scarring and improves the appearance of the pores.

The treatment lasts for a few minutes, beginning with cleaning. The laser has a slight tingling effect, especially in scarred areas. There is also the sound of a crackle but these are not what you should worry about. The slight redness and swelling lasts for a few minutes.

Pixel: This is an advanced laser method which lightens dark lips and dark circles under the eyes. The laser lights are penetrated deep into the layer of skin and stimulate new skin cells whilst it simultaneously replaces old cells with ones leaving replenished skin on treated area.

The key to good skin:

  1. Sunscreen is an essential at all times as the UV rays are main cause of damage. So, use it generously and every few hours.
  2. Healthy lifestyle.
  3. Good nutritious food.
  4. Bundles of joy.

There are packages for weddings and long term treatments. Instant glow peels and special facials are also available.

ReceptionVictoria’s Clinic is open on all days. While it’s best to take an appointment, but should you just walk in, you are bound to find someone willing to assist you too.

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