Spotted deers, Safari from Bijrani gate, Corbett Tiger Reserve, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, India

How to Choose Your Next Holiday Resort

Chipkali or lizard creeper on the main building, Aahana The Corbett Wilderness, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, India

The idea of a looming vacation makes most people feel happy and excited. But when it comes to putting your idea into fruition, it can become a stressful time. When choosing where to spend your hard-earned money, there are some things to consider. 

Take a look at these five criteria for choosing your next holiday resort destination:

  1. The Budget

Before you even begin looking at different places to relax, you should set up a reasonable budget. Reasonable in the sense that you can afford it, but also reasonable in the sense that you aren’t so frugal that you end up wasting your money on a low-budget place that makes a vacation feel like a waste. 

How much have you saved for this holiday? If you are smart with your finances, you would’ve already worked out a rough budget in your head and already begun saving for it. 

When you start choosing your destination, or even before you begin saving for your holiday, take a look at how much you can put aside each week, or how much you have already saved up and what you can comfortably afford. 

Obviously, different destinations require differing budgets. A luxury safari lodge in Southern Africa will require more savings then say, a trip to a neighboring town or even state at a Carlsbad resort

2. Consider Safety 

When it comes to traveling abroad to a different country, then you should bear in mind the red and green countries for visitor safety. Read up on travel advisories and if you venture into a country that could be less safe than others, always read up on the country and stick to the safer places to visit. 

3. Who is in the Travel Party?

Who is coming along on vacation is a crucial factor when considering your next destination. Traveling solo, or with your spouse and children, could make for extreme differences in vacation destinations. If you are traveling with kids, then research what facilities the resort offers for children. You also want to have a vacation, and having bored kids whining around you will not likely be conducive to a relaxing environment. 

The best vacations are made when everyone in your travel group is happy and has something that caters to their interests. 

4. Transport

How you are going to get to your destination, or how you would prefer to get there should factor in as well. Are you going to drive? Or would you prefer to fly? Or, perhaps you want to make use of sea travel (which can be a vacation all on its own). There are some cruises which start in one destination and end in another, such as Vancouver to Hawaii, and you can taste a bit of vacation in both worlds; as you sail and then when you arrive at your destination. 

Whatever you decide, it plays a major role in selecting your next holiday resort. While the ease of flying is tempting, there could be a family member traveling with you that is afraid of flying. Take into consideration how you (and those traveling with you) would prefer to travel before booking a holiday resort. 

5. Things to do

Most holiday resort will have activities on offer or at least in the general vicinity. Consider what you and the rest of the people traveling with you prefer to do on holiday. Maybe you have older children traveling with you that would love to have a beach close by to play on, or perhaps you can finally take those surfing lessons you have always wanted to do. 

Or perhaps you want to talk walks in nature, or simply do nothing at all. 

When you research your next holiday destination, make sure that there are activities on hand to cater to everyone’s sense of fun.

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