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Dummies Guide To Surviving The #lockdown With ZEE5

The world is going through a massive lockdown due to a pandemic spread by a coronavirus. India, one of the world’s largest democracies, has asked all the citizens to stay at home, sanitize and be safe. Travel has come to a standstill but the mind is not shackled. 

Caged with just cooking and cleaning as basic activities, entertainment has to be found within four walls. And there ZEE5 has come to my rescue, as it is a family channel with programmes for everyone at home. With free premium content, it makes this period a calming and safe one. So, I have Vodafone Play and am binge-watching all that I would not get time to see later on. I enjoyed: 

  1. Mentalhood. This show is about parenting and moms with kids in elite schools. Starring the well-known Bollywood actor Karishma Kapoor, this is worth a dekko for some amazing insights into the world of moms. Since I am single, this show is quite an update on the challenges moms face in this digital world. This will surely appeal to all metro moms and to-be-moms. And I loved the dialogues and the modern thoughts that break shackles of old binding traditions. There’s Karishma with her three kids arriving from Kanpur to Mumbai, Dino Morea going for surrogate children and more. 
  2. Batti Gul Meter Chalu: I am a Shahid Kapoor fan and this movie has a lesson too. It’s about three friends and a love triangle. It’s also about shedding egos, standing by your friends and letting people be happy. It’s a family movie and can be easily watched with children around. And I love songs. I have watched it three times!
  3. Shukranu: This movie reminds me of Vicky Donor with a social message. The story of a young man whose married life expectations are marred by an unplanned incident. Anyways, let me not reveal the plot as you would want to see what this incident is and how it is overcome. 

What’s on my list this April:

  1. State of Siege 26/11: I am in love with crime thrillers and suspense series. Anything which highlights the heroism and a larger cause makes us happy. And this is a ZEE5 Original series starring Arjan Bajwa, Arjun Bijlani, Mukul Dev, Vivek Dahiya, and Tara Alisha Berry. This series is based around the siege of Mumbai in 2008. The NSG commandos came forward to save the city and there are untold stories of the brave heroes and the lesser-known facts about that time. Also, the music has been composed by Kartik Shah, who collaborated with musicians across the world. Seems like a must-watch. 
  2. Chota Bheem: We don’t have kids at home but we love cartoons. They keep the child in us alive and this is one of the most popular toon characters. With a 24-hour indoors time, some light-hearted fun is needed. 
  3. Who’s Your Daddy: This is another original, as I saw in the promo. It stars my favourite actor Rahul Dev. The star cast comprising Harsh Beniwal, Nikhil Bhambri and Divinaa Thakur looks cool. Curious to know about his real mother, Tidda goes to his father Soggy and discovers a shocking truth about his father’s colourful past. And then the fun begins. The opening song is peppy and the cheeky, funny dialogues bring a smile. Besides the picturisation is quite relatable. 

Of course, these are my choices but do explore the site and enjoy staying at home. There are Korean serials, lots of originals and all genres to cater to everyone. There’s even Live TV, News, should you want to know what’s happening in the world around you. #BeCalmBeEntertained . The best part: I am going to watch a lot more when travel opens up. I have marked many more for my journeys. Image: An OTT Platform ZEE5.COM

7 thoughts on “Dummies Guide To Surviving The #lockdown With ZEE5

  1. My wife and I have enjoyed our share of India movies in the past year. I think they helped us prepare better for our tours there, Lighthearted Bollywood movies are well received as well. It’s inspiring to me that the world’s largest democracy offers so much goodness to us in this stressful time at home.


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