Thumba Hair Oil by Nature Sure

Daily Care: Lustrous Hair with Thumba Wonder Hair Oil by Nature Sure™

My problem with frizzy hair started a few years back. Travel, long hours in the sun, hair colour and an odd diet, hair has become dry and greying at a rapid pace I had been trying many home remedies but the results weren’t what I was looking for. During this period, I discovered Thumba Wonder Hair Oil by Nature Sure™ .

Thumba Hair Oil by Nature Sure

Travel has stopped for the last few months due to COVID-19 pandemic. While it does hamper work, it gives me enough time to take care of myself. And the best way I can take care is to remain healthy in this isolation period.

The Ayurvedic oil promised hair follicle growth, repair and prevention of greying. Just the things I needed. Not only this, it also helps in hair loss, alopecia and baldness. Among the main reasons for unhealthy hair or loss of hair are loss of nutrients and scalp infection. And this Ayurvedic hair tonic is made from pure and good quality herbs. The promise is to fight scalp infection and nourish hair follicles.

So Thumba is actually a desert fruit. I was quite amazed to discover this as I had not heard about it. It is better known as Bitter Apple, Indrayan or Hanzal. The oil is made from the seeds of this fruit/ and they have the power to stimulate hair growth, prevent hair fall and premature greying. Regular use helps in increasing hair count and length, reversing signs of alopecia and baldness.

Now, this seemed like the cure for my hair—lost to the world in a dry maze. Since they were so dry and frizzy, I had to always tie them up or they would become even more frizzy. And this constant tying up gave me a headache and also hair loss. And this oil seemed to have all the answers.

I have to say the bottle is very handy for a traveller and the packaging is very attractive. Unlike a lot of strong smelling oils, this one is light. It flows easily and you only need a small quantity to spread on your hand and rub it in gently on the hair. I massage it in thoroughly and leave it overnight. Sometimes, I also put a hot towel over it so that it gets absorbed deep into the scalp. But that’s a personal choice and not essential.

Coming back to the qualities of this oil, ‘Thumba is medically proven to bring up to 70% hair follicles back to growth phase successfully’. This is quite impressive for the people who suffer loss can recover quickly. ‘Thumba has also been found to significantly reduce the time needed to initiate hair growth and take it to completion faster’. This would surely light up a few faces.

More ingredients
• Thumba (Citrullus colocynthis)-we know the benefits now.
• Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba Hassak) has also been used for premature greying and hairfall since a long time and is very popular.
• Kranj (Pongamia glabra) is very good for the skin.
• Kapoor Kachri (Hedychium spicatum) induces hair growth and adds that soft fragrance to the oil.
• Til Oil (Sesamum indicum) is among the most sought after medicinal oils. Regular use of this oil cures hair dryness and prevents premature greying. It also helps during headaches and migraine.
• Mustard Oil (Brassica juncea) helps in nourishing the hair, growth and becoming stronger, healthier.

More benefits of Thumba Wonder Hair Oil
• It is a rich source of essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid and palmitic acid, proteins, antioxidants, alkaloids, flavonoids and leucine.
• It has an anti-infective effect.
• It is 100% natural and made at GMP and ISO-certified units approved by the Directorate of AYUSH.

Recommended way to apply
• Take a little bit in the centre of your palm.
• Gently massage the hair into the scalp for 15 minutes.
• It is safe to use it daily. And for people experiencing hair loss, this helps as the oil penetrates the roots of hair follicles.
• Keep it overnight.
• Wash with any chemical-free, natural shampoo (with pH level almost zero).

The oil is only for external use and should not be consumed. Best to keep this in a shaded corner. The good blend makes this a perfect oil to have long and lustrous hair. It is pocket-friendely and easily available on

For me, the leak-proof green bottle is the plus point as it can go anywhere with me once travelling begins again.

9 thoughts on “Daily Care: Lustrous Hair with Thumba Wonder Hair Oil by Nature Sure™

  1. Thumba Wonder hair oil is new to me, but it has some really amazing and time-tested ingredients like Bhringraj, and others. Always prefer products based on natural ingredients.

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  2. Oh wow!! Really so many amazing ingredients in it. We all must take care of hair and such hair products help us in doing just that.

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