Everteen Menstrual Cup

Why Women Travellers Would Like To Carry everteen Menstrual Cup

Everteen Menstrual Cup

For most women on the go, menstruation proves to be a tough period. I, for sure, find it cumbersome to undertake my travels during these days. Besides the bodily discomfort, there is the need to carry sanitary pads, find good toilets on the road and maintain hygiene. It isn’t the easiest of days but sometimes the place is so exciting that you don’t want to miss the opportunity.

Everteen Menstrual Cup

There are different kinds of sanitary pads in the market, and one gets used to a certain brand. Tampons are also popular with some women. But a menstrual cup kind of makes it even easier for a woman traveller. With this cup, there is no fear of disposal or finding the right place to change the pads or even having the need for changing every two-three hours.

The cup has been cited as infection-free, safe and comes in two sizes-small (23ml) and large (30ml). This would depend on the size of the cervix and the period flow. These are made of medical-grade silicone and are handy to carry around. They fit easily in a pouch and last for a few years. In fact, everteen says that they last for 10 years. Think of the money saved and the load taken off the planet.

The packing

I also liked the packing that everteen has made for it. It comes in an attractive flowery box, sealed in a small disposable bag. Along with this comes a silken pouch to carry it around in and an instruction leaflet. This gives all the information you need about the product, how to use it, clean it and even remove it. All you need is just some practice to wear and use it.

Using it

This funnel shaped cup is pink in colour to match the feminine nature of things.

  • Once you have taken it out of the sealed bag, you can wash it with an itimate wash. Everteen has an intimate wash as well, among other female hygiene products.
  • Make your sure your hands are properly washed as well.
  • Now calm yourself so that the muscles get relaxed and sit down in a squat position.
  • Press the cup so that you make a U/C and hold it at a 45º angle. Now gently, insert it into the private parts.
  • Once it is properly inserted, it will open up inside. If you want to be sure, rotate it and check with your finger.
  • Slowly, you will get comfortable with it. Now, wash your hands.
  • The cup can be used for 12 hours and you can easily go to the bathroom while wearing it.
  • To remove it, sit again in a squat position and pull it out from the stem gently. Remove the fluid and wash it. Now, you can use it again.

Reusing the cup during menstruation days

Cleaning the cup in a public toilet can be a bit of problem as most handwashes are done outside the cubicle. You could carry a small water bottle with you inside. Wipe it with a tissue or toilet paper, wash it and wipe it again before reinserting. Always keep a handwash with you.


Once the cycle is over, you should sterilise it and keep it in the pouch till your next cycle.

The cup is leak-proof and does not generate any bad odour. It is soft, easy to use and leaves you free to perform any physical activity like trekking, dancing.

Some people claim that it’s safe to use while swimming as well, but I haven’t tested that. It doesn’t leave any rashes or itching. And saves the effort and money on sanitary pads. It doesn’t feel painful also.

This is an eco-friendly way to deal with menstruation and gives you comfort to travel at ease. Order it at https://everteen.in/product-category/menstrual-cup/

Some facts about menstrual cups

  1. Menstrual cups have actually been around since the 1930s. The first menstrual cup for U.S. use was manufactured in 1987. Since then, there have been several others produced, manufactured from different substances ranging from rubber to silicone.
  2. A menstrual cup can hold 1 ounce of liquid, roughly twice the amount of a super-absorbent tampon or pad. The difference can be a comfort on your heavy flow days.
  3. Menstrual blood can start to smell when it’s exposed to air. But your cup forms an airtight seal.
  4. Even if you find it easy to insert the cup, removing it can be tricky. In a sit or squat, you need to use your pelvic floor muscles to push the cup down, then reach up and grab the stem. Pinch the base to break the seal and angle the cup slightly back to keep it from spilling.
  5. Consult a doctor if you have an intrauterine device (IUD) inserted, and then use it.

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