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Yaaradi Nee Mohini: #EntertainmentUnlocked with this family saga from ZEE5

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Literally translated as Who are you beautiful woman?, Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a high strung, intriguing, family saga airing on ZEE5 in Tamil.  It’s been airing since April 24, 2017 and the plot brings out the deep hidden emotions of greed, selfishness, jealousy and hatred. In between, there is love, which is trying hard to overcome all these negative emotions and prosper. 

Touted as the second-highest budgeted series in South Indian TV, it stars Shreekumar, Nachathira, Fathima Babu, Chaitra Reddy, Yamuna Chinnadurai, Surjith Ansary and Baby Lisha. 

The base of the story lies in rich versus poor, love versus hate, evil versus good. And each episode offers an amalgam of emotions. To understand it, Shreekumar plays the protagonist Mutharasan, who is the grandson of a rich landlord.  Muthurasan’s father is actor Ravi Varma. At his wife’s passing, he remarries Neelambari played by Fathima Babu. 

Mutharasan is a loving boy and respects his new mother, who does not reciprocate this love, albeit has plans to kill him and get the property willed in her chidlren’s name. Vennila, played by Nachathira, is Muthu’s lady love. A devout lady, she is his cousin and wants to marry him. 

Neelambari has been plotting hard to get the property but constantly finds obstacles. A clause in the will says that Mutharasan’s wife also must sign this agreement. Now, Neelambari has to find someone who will follow her orders, so she brings her niece Swetha, enacted by Chaitra Reddy, to marry Muthu. 

But the protagonist also has another angel in heaven watching over him—his first wife’s dead ghost Chitra, played by Yamuna Chinnadurai. A series of mishappenings and Neelambari disocvers that Chitra has been saving her husband. 

An adamant Swetha and Neelambri don’t back out. The drama has some sinister moments and Swetha kills Vennilla’s mother, played by Sudha, and her grandmother enacted by Vijayalakshmi. The date for her marriage with Muthuarasan is fixed. And now wham, a new entry. Swetha’s ex-husband Yuvaraj, played by Shyam, tries to stop the marriage.  But Swetha’s deviousness continues and she now plans to kill Muthuarasan’s father. 

In the meanwhile, a lonly Vennila laments the death of her near and dear supporters. And then Chitra catches hold of Kalai, played by Vinitha. She is the wife of Maruthu, enacted by Bharath, who is Neelambari’s first son. Chitra finds a ready body to get her husband some help and controls Kalai who stands by Vennila. 

The plot gets more intriguing here as Maruthu aims to kill Kalai by causing an accident but she doesn’t die and slips into coma. The play of characters continues as it is a very Indian set-up with large fmailies and tons of relatives. Chitra’s mother tries to reveal the truth to Muthuarasan, but gets killed by Neelambari. 

In the process, we also get to know that  Muthuarasan has an orphaned daughter Ruthra played by Lisha, who existence he was unaware of. He later finds out Vennila really loves him and goes on to become her knight in shining armour. 

Later he comes to know that Ruthra is his daughter and she gets kidnapped. He is hit by relatives on the head and Venilla saves him by bringing a herb from ‘Siddhar Malai’. And the saga of greed continues as the desire to possess is an unending one. 

Watch it for you will like the natural sets, the beautiful jewellery and the realistic dialogues. The drama has many twists and turns and gets the audience hooked.  The show has won some awards and has some remakes in other languages too. 
In fact, ZEE5 offers the chance to see your favourite shows on 5 screens simultaneously. You can take a subscription to avail this.

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