everteen Bikini Hair Removal Creme

For sensitive areas: everteen Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line

Summer or winter, we women need a clean skin the year through. It doesn’t matter if you need to wear a swimsuit or a high-slit dress, hair around the bikini line does tend to create rashes, besides looking ugly. Also, during menstruation this becomes unhygienic with hair.

So most women either opt for waxing or use a razor. I, too, have tried waxing. But that’s not an easy task for the area is so sensitive and waxing is quite a painful method which also tends to leave rashes. Razors are not a good option too, as they have the disadvantage of leaving behind scars should you accidentally cut any part. And when the hair starts re-growing, it is coarser and pokier.

In summer, sweat also tends to add to the discomfort if the area has not been cleaned. I have tried a couple of hair removal creams, but this is the first time I have found a cream which has been made for bikini line alone. It can be used for under arms too, as those are also sensitive skin areas of the body. In fact, I did the test on the inside of the arm, before cleaning the bikini line. I left it for five minutes, cleaned it and waited for 24 hours before using it on the bikini line area.

Why I liked it?

The good part is the cream comes in a tube, which can easily be carried while travelling. There are two coin towels and a spatula as well, which means you don’t need any extra cotton too. There is a leaflet which gives you all the information about the cream, including the way to use it.  My suggestion is that you read this well before applying it.

The promise on the packet is:
No Harsh smell
No Ingrown Hair
No Razor Bumps, Cuts, Nicks or Burns
No Skin Darkening

everteen Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line has a natural chamomile extract. Chamomile, as we know, is very good for the skin. It helps to cool the skin, soothes the rashes and is used to treat various skin issues such as eczema, acne etc. Another advantage is that there are no ingrowths, for the cream gently removes the hair from the roots. And it fulfills the promise on the cover.

Some points to keep in mind

  • It’s best to trim your hair if it’s too long. Medium length hair will get removed faster and you will not have to use it twice.
  • You can use the spatula to spread the cream. Leave it for five minutes. Then you can wipe it off with the spatula. And then with the damp towel clean the area. This helps in removing any small hair that is left behind. You can now wash the area with tepid water or an intimate wash.
  • I would also recommend a patch test on the inner side of my arm. I kept the cream for five minutes and then removed it with the spatula. As I did not see any rashes or redness or itching, I used it for the bikini line.


Now, you have smooth skin. There are no cuts or bumps. And you didn’t have to go through the pain of hair being pulled out. And the hair that grows back is neither coarse nor poky. As this has chamomile, the skin area doesn’t become dark. It retains the original colour.

Keep in mind

  • Do not apply the cream over cuts or broken skin.
  • If there are rashes, then wait for them to subside before using the cream.
  • Do not leave the cream for a long time period, Clean the area within 5-6 minutes.
  • If you have waxed or shaved 2-3 days back, then wait for another 2 days before using it.
  • Do not use a deodrant or any other cream immediately after removing the hair.
  • Do clean the area nicely and let it dry before using the cream.  

You can order it from everteen.co

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