Jonk oil by Nature Sure

Jonk Tail aka Leech Oil by Nature Sure For A Crowning Glory

If like me, you have never heard of jonk or leech oil for hair, then you should read on. Yes, contrary to the scary version we know of leeches, the jonks or leeches that you see during the monsoon have amazing healing properties.

Hair fall, frizziness, dryness, itchy scalp—these are some of the common problems faced by most of us. With the pandemic shutting down the world, going to salon became impossible. Hair care now became an important aspect.

And in this time period, I came across Jonk Tail (Leech Oil) by Nature Sure™. Since I had already used their Thumba oil, my faith in the company has been high. They use the best ingredients and the quality of the product is really good—“ products made with 100% pure and top-grade ingredients at GMP- and ISO-certified units”, says their website.

This oil promises: “A natural and effective therapy for hair loss, hair fall and other hair related problems. Benefits of jonk (leech) therapy in managing persistent hair problems have been well-documented in Ayurveda. Leech-based haircare therapies have also been popular in ancient Roman and Egyptian civilisations.”

Did you know that Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen, is known to have used leech-based products for her hair care?

The website goes on to give the benefits:

  • Regular use nourishes scalp and hair shafts and keeps your hair stronger and younger.
  • It removes dandruff and fungus effectively to address hair problems at source.
  • Jonk (Leech) oil is also beneficial for enhancing vitality in life.
  • Promotes faster healing of hair-related issues at source
  • Recommended oil for hair and scalp therapy

Now, I was more than happy to give this oil a shot. I used it for two weeks, as I oil my hair almost every alternative day. It is dry and frizzy due to the heat and I also need a hair cut, so keeping the hair healthy is my priority.

My hair is certainly in a better condition. The dryness seems to be going. The frizz has begun to settle out. The scalp feels cleaner and I feel happier with the results. My recommendation is that you keep it overnight. Or if you have to oil it for a few hours, then gently massage it into the scalp and put a hot towel over it. This way the oil goes in deep into the scalp.

Packaging and more

The oil comes in a 110ml green plastic bottle which is leak-proof, which means super easy to carry around. The oil is yellowish or golden in colour, very light on the hair and has a slight smell. But since that goes off when you wash it, this really doesn’t matter as you get good results at the end.

Try using it for longer periods to see optimum results and remember the shiny bodies of the jonk, that’s the same nutrition that this oil brings to the hair.

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