Virgin Bhanupriya: ZEE5 breaks conservative stereotypes with this new comedy movie

Virgin Bhanupriya on ZEE5
Image: ZEE5

The best part of growing up is that you don’t know that you are growing up. But it still has its ups and downs and among them is the art of finding an outlet for uncontrollable hormones. These compel you to reach out physically to the boy next door, the girl with the cutest smile and the desire to get intimate. And this is exactly what this new comedy movie by ZEE5 looks at. Bhanupriya is a young, pretty girl with a bold friend, who can
have sex at the drop of a hat. But this young girl is unable to find a good man to bed.

Starring Urvashi Rautela, Gautam Gulati, Rumana Molla, Rajiv Gupta, Archana Puran Singh, Brijendra Kala, the movie has been directed by Ajay Lohan. It isn’t an easy movie for any actor as it handles the conservative outlook towards sex in quite a bold manner. Virginity, for long, has been a cherished trait for a young bride. But Urvashi Rautela has dared to break boundaries and take on a young woman’s need for sex head on. She handles her role well from playing a girl in desperation to a friend watching friends having a good time without any evil emotions.

She isn’t dressed as a sexy siren in the movie but a regular college girl with a large pair of spectacles and some good jeans and normal dresses. On top of that, she drives a scootie. In fact, even her father, Rajiv Gupta, drives a scooter while the mother, played by the undefeatable Archana Puran Singh, drives a SUV. The movie is for a mature mind, as the parents are separated and Archana’s conversations with her daughter and husband show that despite loose ends, there is a bond of acceptance.

There are no subtle hints here on what Bhanupriya wants—she wants to lose her viginity and she hasn’t even kissed a boy. Her best friend Rukul, played by Rumana Molla, is just the opposite. The two share a good bond and she is Bhanupriya’s guide to getting some action. However, she does choose the wrong guy who doesn’t seem to turn Bhanupriya on. So, there are desperate attempts and some gag moments, and Bhanupriya’s woes are
not short lived. In fact, tarot card reader Delnaz predicts a no-bedroom enjoyment marriage through her cards, as does an astrologer.

There are some interesting scenes with Rajiv Gupta playing the dumb father, who doesn’t understand his daughter’s changing bodily needs as when she tells him she needs to buy sanitary pads or when she wants to get married. Or when the tarot card reedier predicts a no-sex married life for Bhanupriya. She does handle it boldly and comes out with the forbidden ‘S’ word in a room full of adults though.

Image: ZEE5

Throughout the movie, Bhanupirya is hooked on exploring her sexuality and finds a suitable companion in Abhimanyu, played by Gautam Gulati. He is nicknamed ‘Shartiya as he is focused on winning bets. He bribes the astrologer to make a horoscope which says he is the perfect match for her, but the twist in the tale comes in the last scene.

So will Bhanupriya lose her virginity or not? Do watch this 1-hour 51-minute movie, not just for the entertainment, but for also realizing women need an outlet for their sexuality as much as men.

The music has been composed by Chirrantan Bhatt, Ramji Gulati, Amjad Nadeem Aamir and Saurabh-Vaibhav and lyrics written by Manoj Yadav, Kumaar, Alokik Rahi, Amjad Nadeem and Ajay Lohan.

4 thoughts on “Virgin Bhanupriya: ZEE5 breaks conservative stereotypes with this new comedy movie

  1. Hey, Guys!!!
    Recently, I watched the Hindi comedy movie Virgin Bhanupriya on ZEE5. There have been very few Indian coming-of-age movies from the female perspective, especially ones that talk about the woes of women who choose to remain conservative. Virgin Bhanupriya tells the story of one such girl. Bhanupriya Awasthi (Urvashi Rautela) is an only child of now-divorced parents and is trying her best to go on dates and lose her virginity as a result. Her best friend Rukul Singh (Rumana Molla) chooses to live her life promiscuously and continues to set Bhanupriya up with other guys, To know more watch it on the ZEE5 OTT player. I like this movie I hope you will also like it.


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