Evening lights up the swimming pool at lebua, Corbett, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

Closer To Stars & The Wildlife: Stay At Lebua In Corbett

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Ever thought of watching the stars lying on the forest ground? Here’s your chance. Step into lebua Corbett and watch the birds, tuskers, the moon, the star, and more. Unlike many resorts in the Corbett National Park zone, this one is located ‘somewhere in the middle of nowhere’. I mean it’s surrounded by forests and there are fewer people in this part. With 44 cottage-like rooms and multi-cuisine dining, the resort offers a spectacular stay.

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The rooms have all that you need for a comfortable stay such as an LED TV, complimentary WIFI, coffee maker, bathrobes, and all bathroom amenities. Laundry and other facilities are available on request. Each room comes with ample sunshine and space to enjoy the green environs. You can also lounge in the small bay area within the room. And maybe relishing a bite (or two) of bal mithai in the room will make it a sweeter visit. The resort has three types of rooms: villas, suites, and residencies. Azrak, the fine-dine multi-cuisine restaurant, has some yum buffets and a la carte meals. Saraca, the bar, is where you get to chill out with your poison.

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The focus is on healthy, fresh food. Everything that is available in the region will find its way into the dishes and even in the mocktails and cocktails. We enjoyed some gin with herbs and thin slices of raw mango. The salads here are to die for.

The resort is probably the only one in which the infinity pool’s bottom is painted white. With the trees forming the backdrop, the view at sunrise and sunset is a stunning one. Then there is a herb garden, lake with fishes, activity room for children, a gym, and a spa too. I loved getting up early in the morning and watching the birds flitting on the branches. Parrots, sunbirds, cuckoos, and the little mynas, they make the place so cheerful.

Right behind the resort is the little village of Bakrakot, where a small school is operational. A walk in this part is quite an eye-opener to the regional life and the medicinal plants. Should you like to walk further, a mango grove is a place to rest. Exotic birds and insects sing their songs of freedom here. But I would say beware of monkeys for they are always on the lookout for food.

Walk with the in-house naturalist and see some more species on another trail. I got to see the great monitor lizard rushing past on the dry river bed. The thickets on this trail are a treasured path for birders and nature lovers. There is, of course, the customary safari and silence is the keyword in the jungle should you like to see it in its full glory.

We had a field day seeing the white-tailed Asian Paradise Flycatcher throughout the safari, and then there were the peaceful Sambhar Deers. Since this is part of the elephant corridor, you might be lucky enough to see some crossing. I managed to see a family of four with a little baby. There are night trails and cycles too for guests. If you don’t feel like doing anything, watch the stars and the moon through the telescope, and read some books on the great man Jim Corbett or the fauna in India. You can find them at the reception.

The article first appeared on https://lbb.in/delhi/to-the-moon-and-back-8740d7/

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