everteen Natural Intimate Wipes

Staying hygienic with everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes

I love to keep most things handy, especially when they are related to personal hygiene. And wipes are an integral part of this hygiene. everteen is a women-friendly company. It has a full range of products for women, including intimate washes, menstrual cups, bikini line hair remover creams, menstrual cup wash, vaginal tightening gels and even intimate hygiene wipes.

As the name says, the wipes are designed for the intimate area. Main thing is that they are india’s first biodegradable intimate wipes! Not just women, even the enviornment is protected from this. Now, these wipes are a boon, as you don’t need to worry about finding water to clean yourself after using the washroom when travelling, especially on road trips and treks.

And I find them really useful during the menstrual days as well. Those are the days you need water for sure. But these wipes have become a friend in need. These offer complete protection from dryness, itchiness, and excessive discharge. Should you also need something after a romantic interlude, then also these wipes are handy.

Key points

  • The wipes have been clinically tested.
  • They are made of 100% natural and biodegradable fabric.
  • The ingredients used to keep the wetness intact are plant extracts such as aloe vera.
  • They are free from alcohol, SLS, parabens or other harmful chemicals.
  • They help maintain the natural pH of the sensitive skin, which means that your skin stays ultra soft and there is no lingering smell.
  • Best thing is that, they have a mild fragrance and that gives the private area a soothing fragrance and feeling of freshness for a long time.

So, I liked these wipes as they have a soft and safe feel. They come wrapped in a beautiful pink box and the wetness is long lasting—the shelf life is 12 months and it is a pack of 15 wipes. I now carry one or two in my daily bag. I think every woman would appreciate this product, as it’s what we all need.

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