vaginal tightening and revitalising gel by everteen

Women’s Intimate Hygiene with everteen Vaginal Tightening & Revitalizing Gel

vaginal tightening and revitalising gel by everteen

Age brings about changes in our body, more so with a woman. She goes through multiple issues, including issues related to the vagina. After childbirth, the vaginal muscles tend to become loose. As women age, there is a dryness in the vagina and many more issues crop up. I have mentioned everteen’s female intimate hygiene range in many of my earlier posts. In this, there is a Vaginal Tightening & Revitalizing Gel as well. (The 30gm bottle is priced at INR 1,099).

Like all of everteen’s products, this gel too is extracted from pure and natural ingredients. And it is these chemical-free formulas which have lately become suitable for us city-stressed dwellers. The benefits of this gel are multifold: it moisturizes, tightens and revitalizes the vagina. The gel has been scientifically formulated by expert gynaecologists. It is a micro biologically, dermatologically and clinically tested formula that helps bring the vagina to its original form.

How to Apply

This is a simple process to use the everteen vaginal tightening gel.  

  • Wash your hands and vagina with clean water
  • Sit in squatting posture
  • Remove the cap from bottle
  • Press once fully to take 2-3gm of everteen gel on your fingertip
  • Apply gel with your fingertip inside vagina in a circular motion
  • Apply everteen gel twice daily for optimum results
  • Benefits
  • The natural ingredients restore the elasticity of vagina
  • It brings back the tightening sensation with increased blood flow into the vaginal muscles.
  • Rejuvenates vaginal muscles
  • Improves lubrication and reduces dryness
  • Removes harmful vaginal bacteria
  • Restores post-delivery vaginal elasticity

The gel doesn’t have any side effects. It comes in a small bottle with pump. It can easily be carried in your bag, should you like to take it along on your travels.

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