virgin bhasskar web series, streaming on ZEE5

Review of Virgin Bhasskar @ ZEE5

virgin bhasskar web series, streaming on ZEE5
Photo courtesy: ZEE5

Capturing the hearts of young ones, Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 is now streaming on the popular ZEE5. Well, the word is virgin and web series revolves around it, but it is in a lighter vein and with a bubbly set of actors. It handles the change in our world with panache. A bold series, albeit portrayed as comedy, it takes us to the small and holy town of Benaras, which none of us associate with sex. There is nothing obscene or vulgar here, though best watched with friends or people you are comfortable with. It’s just about the comfort level and being on the same wavelength.  

The Plot
Millennials view sex as a normal part of life. People born before 1990s are a little hesitant to take on this aspect of life in such a blatant manner, but being a virgin is no longer ‘the thing’. And that’s what this series, Virgin Bhasskar, is all about. Anant Joshi or Bhasskar Tripathi lives in a rented room in Benaras and is preparing for UPSC. He is your typical next door chocolate boy—full of sanskars and very upright. But he lives in torment. The young man is 27-years-old and a virgin! To top that, he is a writer and a very coveted one. But he is no ordinary writer—he pens porn. All the inexperience in sex is replaced by a powerful imagination which makes his novels erotic and exotic at the same time.

Bhasskar has two good friends who have happy bed life. In fact, Dherendra Kumar Tiwari  as Mishra Ji and Himanshu Arora as Rohan really add that loud, friendly, loyalty among friends angle. They can be relied upon for anything and everything, albeit it does cost Bhasskar a few hours of his bed being used by Rohan indiscreetly.  Rohan is the proverbial Casanova and Bhasskar is the proverbial good boy.  

Love Life (#VirginBhasskar2)
Our hero has a crush on the college brat Vidhi Pandey, played by Rutpanna Aishwarya. She is young, bubbly, fearless, talkative and short-tempered. This adds a lot of spice in the drama, as everyone awaits for ‘the day’.  Well, this is no ordinary ‘let’s hop into bed’ relationship, it turns into love. And Bhasskar is very happy until Vidhi finds out that he is a virgin and he writes porn. Here the relationship faces a disruption.  The rush continues on to Season 2.

Vidhi has been warned by a fortune teller that her love life will go through a rough patch owing to the intrusion of a person whose name starts with P. Enter Pakhi, who is equally love struck, and she is the ‘bad girl’ to this ‘bad boy’, writing porn novels too. The duo has a spicy beginning and then they begin to write together.

Virgin-Bhasskar-2019 Photo courtesy: ZEE5
Photo courtesy: ZEE5

Twists & Turns #lovesexlafda
The straight love goes through a curvy road. Young ones fall out. Vidhi now has a fiancée. Pakhi has run away from her tyrant brothers and father who didn’t approve of her boyfriend. The boyfriend is in Canada and she is saving money to go there and be with him.  The episodes are fast moving. There is a love triangle, there is a lost lover, there is a crush. Somewhere we get a sense of déjà vu—maybe we love Bollywood too much and the series has been produced by ALT Balaji.

The beauty lies in the realistic setting—the small lanes, small homes, inner courtyards, inspirational cafes with bamboo seating. Sex talk is taboo but the act is not. And the background score and music makes that very clear. It’s very much as simply small town set of people coming out of their shells into adulthood. The dialogues are interesting. And the accent makes it an even more authentic scene. All in all, you could binge watch. Or just take it day by day.

Why Watch It
The show has a young and modern social backdrop. Straight talk and loyal friends are the mainstay.  The actors are portraying the coolness of youth and the style is peppy and smart. But you have to watch the series to find out whether Bhasskar manages to lose his virginity, marry Vidhi or not. And did someone mention that there could be a Season 3 too?

10 thoughts on “Review of Virgin Bhasskar @ ZEE5

  1. I have not watched Season 1 of this series. But the series sounds interesting, funny, and also addresses contemporary issues.


  2. Not watched the season 1 of virgin Bhaskar. The plot sounds intriguing and crisp, and performance by the cast in series is so entertaining. indeed a binge watch.


  3. This really looks and interesting watch although I am not web series lover but I’ll surely try to watch this on next weekend.


  4. Watched this show and love it to the core. It seamlessly showcase the naked reality of our society in very humorous way.


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