Actor Rahul Dev at his gym Breathe in Park Plaza Faridabad

Fitness Tips by Actor Rahul Dev

The human body is
our tangible presence
and we must respect it

Actor Rahul Dev at his gym Breathe in Park Plaza Faridabad

Is it your profession that makes you a fitness freak or you just like being healthy?
Even before I began to model, I was running in parks to exercise. I belonged to a middle class family and did not have the financial strength to workout in expensive places. During my school days, sometimes I would miss the school bus and walk a lot to get the DTC. I lived in Saket and St Columba’s school was near the Central Secretariat.

How much gymming is good gymming?
It depends; one could gym for hours if needed or just do simple exercises. But 40-50 minutes of exercise is mandatory for all daily to be healthy. Every individual needs different training as they have different needs and are at different stages.

Do you think people should exercise more in the open?
That’s how we did as children. And it is the ideal way to exercise. The zig-zag entrance bars were perfect for triceps. And there could be some way of adding some parallel bars in parks even now. Sadly, children are constantly indoors now. We used to play cricket in the parks but now I don’t see this anymore as they struggle with a variety of technology indoors.

What is your daily routine?
Water is very essential for the human body. I drink at least 8-10 glasses a day, two lukewarm glasses in the morning. Then apple cider vinegar in lukewarm water and honey. Besides coffee, I have no addictions, I am a teetotaler and even coffee I am trying to let go. The human body is our tangible presence and we must respect it.

Fruit and nut smoothie by actor rahul dev

An Easy Peasy Fruit & Nut Smoothie That Rahul Dev Loves
This is best drunk right after brushing your teeth. Mix all fruits with soaked flax and chia seeds and add some coconut water and blend in a smoothie maker

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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for. These days I am all into fitness and good healthy food and how to maintain the balance. Great post.


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