Ease Muscle Soreness & Aches With Pain Relief Spray

The pandemic has made us stay at home for longer periods. We step out only for daily essentials or on special occasions. For many of us, this hasn’t been an easy situation. We have been forced to give up most of our physical exercise regime. This lack has led to problems related to sore muscles and painful movements. For many, who live in gated communities, games and sports are major stress-busters. But then muscle pain is more frequent in sports, as we tend to be more focused on the game rather than our body movement. Some of us overdo the number of hours on the playground, especially children, and that is another cause of muscle pain. And to overcome this pain, many of us use pain balms and pain relief sprays at home for instant relief.


Cause of pain
Let’s understand the cause of soreness to get to the root of pain. When you use your muscles for the work that it is not used to, the pain creeps in. Say for instance, you are not used to running or physically cleaning the house, then the muscle gets sore. If you increase your workout intensity, then also soreness is there. Actually, these are tiny injuries in the muscle fibers and connective tissue and the area feels sore after a while. Eventually, it transforms into pain when you use that muscle again. Most of the times, this is not serious and can be cured with a balm, some massage or a pain relief spray. Sometimes, if it persists, you would need to consult a doctor or take some prescribed medicine.

Finding a cure
At the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020, I rested for a few days as I had been travelling before that. This helped relieve travel pains. Then, I got down to cleaning the house. I decided that I would do one room a day. So four rooms meant four days and each room had floor to ceiling windows and that was some intense cleaning. But after cleaning the first room, my estimate was thrown haywire as my muscles started paining. To top that, I was doing brisk walking every evening for an hour to overcome the lack of physical exercise. Then the muscle pain went to high levels.

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This is when I started searching on the web for pain relief sprays as I needed instant relief. I browsed through many and narrowed down on Ayurvedic pain relief sprays. I have always believed in the power of Nature to heal us. In this search I found Vicco Narayani Spray. We have grown up with Vicco products such as Vajradanti, Turmeric cream etc. This Ayurvedic brand was established in 1952. And it’s absolutely vegan and cruelty-free. Morever, by using homegrown brands, we support the #MakeInIndia initiative.

Vicco Narayani spray

Now coming to Vicco Narayani Spray, this solves many painful problems. Primarily, it is good for muscle pain. And then it’s also useful for headaches, backaches, joint pains, strain in the tendons, arthritis or rheumatism. It is also effective for regular cold and coughs. The spray is a blend of natural medicinal oils such as Rai, Nilgiri, Devdaru, Chapati, Rosha, Laung, Dalchini, Pudina, Kapur, Gandharpura, Pudina, and Ajwain phool. We use all these ingredients in our daily lives and know their healing powers. This spray makes it a natural and painless way to say goodbye to pain.

Application: like any spray, keep it a little away from the painful spot and spray. This spray and massage help the blood to flow smoothly and it starts circulating through the arteries and veins. Once the blood flow becomes smooth, the pain vanishes. For faster relief, you can spray more and massage the affected area.


  1. There is relief within minutes and proper use means permanent relief. Vicco Narayani Spray is a
    muscle relaxant that promotes good blood circulation.
  2. As it works really fast, it is very useful for sports injuries, as it quickly puts the players back in the game.
  3. As it is directly sprayed on the affected area, it penetrates the skin deeply and heals faster.

    So, I found my magical pain relief spray and have kept it my medicine box at home and in my travel kit. Well, I do plan to get back on the road once the vaccine comes to India.

7 thoughts on “Ease Muscle Soreness & Aches With Pain Relief Spray

  1. The Vicco brand is iconic and something that we have grown up with. I like its products as they have all-natural ingredients. The Vicco Narayani spray seems to bear the hallmark of quality that is typical of the brand.

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  2. Thats a great recommendation. I m always on my toes for some on the other work and i hardly get time to relief my pain. Glad this can help to relief musle pain.

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  3. I never knew vicco have a pain relief spray. I m surely gonna grab this. Thanks for the detailed, descriptive review


  4. During work from home I have got all such types of pains. Thanks for sharing about this product and will check out .


  5. Thank you for sharing the spray. But if you play regular sports, there will not need of any artificial treatments. Natural ways are always easy to start without any risk. Start cricket, football, badminton or any other sports to get a balanced shapes body.

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