How to reduce your plastic use

As we become more aware of how our use of plastic affects the environment, companies have started offering common products without plastic

While making the switch can be more difficult in rural areas, in larger cities, conscientious consumers can find ways to reduce their use of single-use plastic. For example, as we wrote about in our review of the Sirona menstrual cup, women can use reusable menstrual cups or period underwear instead of pads and tampons, which can be a hassle to dispose of and often appear as litter. Additional products to consider include shampoo, conditioner, and body soap in bars instead of disposable bottles and, instead of cleansers or soaps with microbeads, using products with natural exfoliants, which can include ground oats, sugar, coffee grounds, and finely ground nut shells. In this infographic, you can learn about nine products you can use in order to be more environmentally conscious.


10 thoughts on “How to reduce your plastic use

  1. nice thoughts about the clean and healthy environment. everyone has to think about saving the environment from pollution it may be from plastic or other harmful material. so we have to be aware of these things.

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  2. Plastic has become a scourge of the environment and assumed monstrous proportions, polluting our oceans and landmasses alike. Drastic and lifestyle changes from each individual will help in reducing its usage.

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  3. I am trying my best to reduce plastic but it is so ingrained in our lives that it becomes so hard to reduce in everything. But I think it is important that we take that step towards making our environment better.

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  4. We all know about the environmental impact of using plastics, but their use is so much ingrained in our lives. While I am trying to reduce the use of plastics in daily life, it is definitely not quite easy! Menstrual cups are definitely a good way to reduce waste for us women.

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