Sesa Onion Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil

Sesa Onion Hair Care Range Review

Hairfall has been a common problem for almost every woman. Losing more than 100 strands everyday is literally heartbreaking

There are many causes behind hairfall. Our food habits, our lifestyles are majorly responsible for the causes of hairfall. There are some other partial reasons too, and they are; drinking less water, too much consumption of alcohol or caffeine. Hormonal imbalances or health issues can also causes hairfall. Frequent changing of haircare products, or using too much heat or hair styling tools is another reason behind hairfall.

There are some remedies, which will help to minimize this problem a little more. You need to drink at least 3-4 litres of water regularly. Water is a savior from any kind of problems. It flushes out toxins from our body. Our body’s hydration solves many problems automatically. Changing of food habits is also important. Try to avoid junk and oily food, rather concentrate more on green leafy vegetables. Leafy vegetables have folic acids, which are extremely beneficial for new hair growth. And consumption of animal proteins is needed. Stick to one range of hair care products for maximum benefits. Because changing brands frequently does not give you any benefits, rather it will become a prime cause behind severe hairfall. You can give a try to the entire products of Sesa Onion Range.

The Sesa onion range has inclusion of onion hair oil, onion shampoo and onion conditioner.

Sesa Onion Hair Oil
Sesa Onion Hair oil

This is a pure cold pressed oil infused with Ayurvedic herbs. This oil helps to promote collagen production and boost the growth of hair. This oil helps to repair damaged hair and controls hairfall. It adds natural sheen and strength to the hair. A 100% natural formula, which has no sign of harmful chemicals, parabens, silicones, fragrance, mineral, or petroleum oil. It can be applied by everyone and suitable for all hair types. You can apply it on coloured and chemically treated hair too.

•Sesa Onion Shampoo
Sesa Onion shampoo

This herbal and sulphate-free shampoo contains active ingredients like onion, reetha and shikakai. This shampoo prevent hair breakage and split ends. It not only repairs damaged hair and but also makes it soft. It prevents the hair from thinning. You can safely apply it to your chemically treated or coloured hair. The shampoo has been made with completely natural formulation. No harmful additives have been infused into this shampoo.

•Sesa Onion Conditioner
Sesa Onion Conditiioner

This is also a sulphate-free conditioner, which has other Ayurvedic herbal ingredients. The conditioner also prevent breakage due to split ends, improves dead and damaged hair, smoothens and softens the hair. And adds shine too. This conditioner makes the hair tangle free and helps to make them more manageable. It is free from parabens, silicones, artificial colour and fragrance. The conditioner is best to use on all hair types. You can apply it on your chemically treated hair too.

Thus, all the three products have some common natural ingredients that are good for hair enhancement. These ingredients are good for hair growth and prevents hairfall. You can blindly follow these three steps to get damage free hair.


Well using Sesa Onion Hair Care range should simply depend on your personal hair care routine. Never forget to oil and shampoo your hair, at least twice a week. The reason for the same is definitely due to the accumulation of sweat and dust for which your hair requires a thorough wash. Oiling your hair is essential as it prevents dryness and keeps the scalp hydrated giving it the necessary proteins it requires for a healthy hair growth.

Some Key Points That Make Me A Happy Sesa Onion Range User
  • The onion oil comes with an inbuilt comb applicator that makes it completely convenient to use and also helps the oil to penetrate even into the deepest corners of the scalp.
  • The shampoo is a storehouse of herbal ingredients known for its amazing range of benefits like onion, reetha , shikakai, amla, aloevera, hibiscus, green tea and what not.
  • The conditioner leaves behind a smooth and spa like experience that solves the problem of dry and frizzy hair to the core.

So, if you are indeed impressed by the honest review of Sesa Hair care range, go ahead and check out the range. You can also avail a flat 20% discount on your order by using the special code SESA-SCB-ONION

12 thoughts on “Sesa Onion Hair Care Range Review

  1. The Sesa Onion Haircare range seems really good. Especially as it has Ayurvedic ingredients and is Sulphate free. I like the provision of an applicator, which makes it really convenient and handy.

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  2. I use sesa hairoil and its my favourite. It makes hairs so healthy. I m surely trying onion range of products.. Its seems amazing .. thanks for detailed review

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