Deyga Neem Oil, Charcoal Soap Bar and Exfoliator

3 Reasons to Use The Refreshing Body Care Combo by Deyga

Giving your body a relief from chemicals and pollutants, this home-grown organic brand is providing natural body care products

Deyga Neem Oil, Charcoal Soap Bar and Exfoliator

Living in Noida and fighting the hard water is a tough task. Your body and skin need some really good care. I let go of chemical-based on-the-shelf products many years ago. And I am always on the lookout for refreshing body care products. Good skin care makes you look and feel good. So, when I was recommended Deyga, I decided to try this refreshing body care combo that would help in taking care of the body in totality.

This body care combo includes 3 products: Charcoal Bath Bar, Neem Seed Oil and Face & Body Exfoliator

Now, my 3 reasons for choosing this natural body care combo:

  1. Deyga uses organic and pure ingredients. All the blends are handcrafted, hence they are a labour of love. It blends ages-old successful recipes which offer amazing results. The products are cruelty-free which means that they are not tested on animals.
  2. The ingredients in this refreshing body care combo are charcoal, neem, marjoram, khus khus, black rice, matcha leaf, lemon, skin care essential oils. All these ingredients are proven to be beneficial for the skin and body.
  3. I have used charcoal masks earlier also and the effect has been marvellous. Charcoal has toxin-clearing properties and cleanses the skin completely, leaving it healthy and nourished. It prevents skin infections, helps in tightening pores and healing minor cuts too.  In short the best choice for relaxing body care routine.
Deyga Neem Oil

We all know that neem has antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial properties. I use neem water quite regularly to wash out the toxins. So, this neem oil is a natural choice as it helps with my hyperpigmentation and dryness. It leaves the skin well moisturised.

I have always been a khus khus fan, primarily because of the fragrance it gives out. But it helps with dry skin, eczema, skin inflammations. I have eczema on my palm, so this has been effective for that. Lemon is an ages-old ingredient and we all use it in multiple ways at home. Marjoram was new for me too. And then I researched and found that it has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. Again, very good for treating all kinds of skin issues.

Matcha tea has been much talked about, but this is my first experience with it. And the promise of fighting pollution and sun damage is surely fulfilled when used on a long-term. Black rice is also another first experience. This, too, prevents the skin from environmental and sun damage, decreases signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, black spots. And I do get these liver or sun spots from time to time.

Best Way To Use
Deyga also gives the correct way to use these skin care products to get the optimum results. I just follow the steps and mix the Face & Body Exfoliator with water. I rub it thoroughly in the body and wash it off. This takes care of the dirt and dead skin that are invisible to the eyes.

Deyga Exfoliator

It’s been a week of this routine and I already feel the refreshing body care combo working its magic. The skin feels cleaner for a longer period. I worry less about the hard water and the pollutants. And yes, I plan to continue this regime for six months to have long lasting results because good skin care is the birthright of every woman!

Then I massage the body, which is slightly wet, with Neem Seed Oil. This way I use less oil and it spreads evenly over the entire body. I leave it for 30 minutes.

And voila, the last step. Finally, I take that refreshing bath with the Charcoal Bath Bar.

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12 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Use The Refreshing Body Care Combo by Deyga

  1. Have heard a lot about the Deyga Brand and its products seem really good. The best part is that they are all organic and use the goodness of time-tested natural ingredients like Neem, Khus, Lemon, Charcoal etc.

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  2. The Deyga products look quite good for body care. Though I have not used it before, I would like to try them out. And its great that the ingredients are all natural.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The Neem oil and the charcoal bar seem amazing and I would love to get them right away. It is so important to use the right body care especially with so much of pollution and chemicals all around us. I would definitely try out Deyga products.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Natural ingredients are the best for skin care. The next best are these products made with natural ingredients. Thanks for the feedback.


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