The Eternal Song collection by Anju Modi at Art Livings, Delhi, India

10 Wedding Trends Post COVID-19

While the pandemic disrupted the way weddings were organized, with the vaccine rollout, the situation seems to be changing. Here are 10 wedding trends that we can watch out for:

10 wedding trends, lehengas by Anju Modi, Art Livings, Delhi, India

Guest post by Manish Mittal, Founder & Managing Director of Panoramic Episodes & Concierge Stay

1. Simplicity is the key

We have finally bid goodbye to the ‘showing off’ trend! Even though people would prefer high-end weddings, every aspect including décor and wedding couture will be simple yet elegant.

2. Back on track

Destination weddings are re-entering the landscape. People prefer to choose picturesque as well as safe locations for their D-Day.

3. Pandemic fuelled creativity

The Coronavirus has brought about restrictions, but has also paved the way for creativity. Be it small or grand weddings, people now focus on details related to décor, lighting, food, music. People handpick facilities to extend personalized experiences as they wish to transform their wedding day into a memorable experience.

4. Hotels and banquets–the next wedding spots

Safety is a concern as well as a priority now. Since hotel chains and banquet halls stringently follow social distancing norms and hygiene protocols, they will be the next popular destination for weddings. Adding to it, spacious venues will be in demand so that the arrangements can be done in a way that the guests can maintain Covid-19 appropriate behaviour.

5. Sustainability-the new fad

The present generation including Gen Z, Gen X, and the millennials are concerned about the environment, and hence treading on the sustainability path. So, every decision that they take will be eco-friendly, be it décor, wedding wardrobes, beauty products.

6. Vocal for local

As the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Vocal for Local’ campaigns are the buzzwords, the wedding market is also incorporating these initiatives. Traditional weaves are making a comeback as bridal and groom wardrobes will be filled with traditional yet voguish pieces, handcrafted by skilled artisans. Banarasi, Phulkari, Kanjeevaram, Khadi, Jodhpuri are preferred over modern textiles, sequins, mirror work or prints.

The wedding décor is also adopting the local approach. Aesthetic and locally sourced flowers as well as décor elements not only enhance the ambience of the venues, but are also cost-effective and support local businesses.

7. Social cause

The new-age couples wish to contribute to the betterment of society. Hence, they are creating charity registries or are collaborating with NGOs to donate all the presents as well as the cash (known as shagun) to the ones in need or for a specific cause.

8. Staycation weddings  

The pandemic has also led to the emergence of staycation weddings where wedding hosts rely on five-star hotels in metro cities to offer high-end blended experiences of hometown and destination weddings.

9. Entertainment-A key element of modern times’ weddings

Earlier weddings were about the routine ceremonies along with swaying on the dance floor. But in the present times, celebrity appearances, live performances, acoustic bands, aerial acts, stand-up comedy acts are now foraying into the ceremonies for normal segments as well.

Event managers and wedding planners are now emerging as an important part. Brides and grooms are leaving no stone unturned to ensure their weddings are packed with entertainment and become ‘the talk of the town’.

10. Party experiences at rental accommodations

People will adopt an innovative approach for the pre-wedding as well as wedding-related party experiences, especially the hens and bachelor parties. They will not prefer organizing these in bars and clubs owing to social distancing practices but will prefer renting accommodations for a more personalized and customized experience.

Mr. Manish Mittal, Founder & Managing Director of Panoramic Episodes & Concierge Stay

Panoramic Episodes is a high-end event planning and entertainment company that envisions turning people’s dreams into reality. Via its 360 degree approach and services, the venture puts in its best foot forward to transform your special moments into memorable stories. Concierge Stay is a one- stop destination for all of the luxurious villa rental needs for a staycation. The firm takes utmost care of its clients and brings every vacay-related service at their villa doorstep.

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