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5 Trendy Designer Kurtas that Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Ethnic clothing is an integral part of every Indian’s wardrobe. Every piece of traditional clothing holds a lot of cultural significance in the history of our country, playing an important role in diversity. One such part of traditional clothing that people all around the world have accepted as an ethnic fashion piece are designer kurtas. The foundation of kurtas in India goes back as far as the Shunga period in the second century when kurtas were made of simple pieces of cloth worn on both fancy occasions as well as daily use. Today, these kurtas are one of the most widely worn pieces of clothing, thanks to the high amount of comfort as well as the style they provide.

Kurta from Libas

Designer kurtas are the optimal option for anyone who values style and comfort equally. Here are 5 types of trendy designer kurtas you should add to your wardrobe right away:

  1. Solid Kurta: Solid kurtas are minimalistic and stylish, something you can wear every day for maximum comfort. You can style these in many different ways to have a new fun look every day. Organic fabrics such as cotton, silk, etc. are ideal for these designer kurtas so you can easily put them to use all year round without experiencing any discomfort.
  2. Printed Kurta: Printed kurtas are a favourite for many people, especially because of the large variety of prints you can find in shopping stores like Libas. You can wear prints on many occasions, choosing from a range of multicoloured prints, abstract, floral, ethnic motif, geometric, graphic and more. Paired with solid leggings and some classic jewellery, you’re all ready to go.
  3. Embroidered Kurta: Embroidery lies at the very heart of ethnic clothing so having a few embroidered designer kurtas in your wardrobe are essential. Types of embroidery like chikankari, zari and more are intricately woven into the fabrics of your kurta to design the most stylish and elegant pieces possible. You can enhance an embroidered kurta’s look by experimenting with different bottom wear such as palazzos, leggings, long skirts, etc.
  4. Kurta with Jacket: These are very much in trend right now for the unique and modern look they offer. These kurtas have a jacket attached to the kurta itself to give the illusion of a layer but without any extra discomfort that usually accompanies wearing too many layers in India’s hot weather. The length, shape and prints of the jacket are available in markets in a wide range.
  5. Embellished Kurta: Embellishments attached to the fabric of designer kurtas enhance their overall look. These go perfectly at traditional occasions like festivals, weddings, engagement parties and other such events. Make sure to add your favourite accessories to your look for a complete ethnic outfit.
Kurta from Libas.in

These are the top trendy designer kurtas in the market that will most likely never go out of fashion. Take a look at the designer kurtas collection available on Libas, an online shopping store that aims to provide the best options for women of all shapes and sizes. Shop for your favourite ethnic kurtas and flaunt them at your next event!

12 thoughts on “5 Trendy Designer Kurtas that Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

  1. I was so fond of wearing different designer kurtas, when I was in India but here in USA, I did not get much option. loved your list. kurta with jacket is my all time favorite.

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  2. What you have shared is of my choice. I always love to wear a kurta at every place. And there all are very comfortable and can be wear at any place.

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