Range of mCaffeine products

3 Reasons to Shop For mCaffeine products

No gender, no colour, just pure good skin and hair care. Excited to read that the brand does not plan to jump into the fairness cream bandwagon, I began to explore the site

And here are my 3 reasons to use the products:

  1. mCaffeine is ​a caffeinated, PETA-certified brand. It is vegan and cruelty-free.
  2. It has pledged to eliminate plastic pollution by coming together with a Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Authorized Recycler to recycle more plastic than it uses.
  3. The products are FDA approved, safe and dermatologically tested, with no SLS, parabens, silicones and mineral oils.

There are categories that make it easier to browse through such as body care, face care, hair care, gift kits, problem-related products. The interesting part is that the brand uses different ranges such as cappuccino, choco, latte, espresso, mocha, green tea.

What are the benefits of caffeine?
Caffeine is found in tea, coffee and chocolate. A strong antioxidant, caffeine is popular for its anti-ageing properties. It helps in reducing fine lines, inflammation and redness. It also smoothens out the cellulite signs. 

Which products did I use?
I am using Espresso Coffee Bathing Bar (100 gm), Cappuccino Coffee Bathing Bar (100 gm) and Body Toning & Polishing Kit.

mCaffeine Cappuccino Coffee Bathing Bar

Espresso Coffee and Cappuccino Coffee Bathing Bars
Interestingly, the bathing bars are in the shape of a coffee bean. They help in deep cleaning, polishing and toning. And have a nice fragrance. In fact, that’s the best part that the moment you open the package, the aroma spreads around you.

But what’s the difference the two bars?

mCaffeine Espresso Coffee Bathing Bar

The espresso is made with pure Arabica coffee, caffeine, coffee oil, vitamin E. It deep cleanses and leaves the skin nourished. 

Cappuccino bathing bar is made of Arabica coffee, caffeine, caramel and almond milk. Besides cleansing, it evens the skin tone and polishes it, leaving it thoroughly moisturized.

So, I use the two bars on different occasions—when at home, I use the espresso. When I have been in the sun too long, I go for the cappuccino. But this is an individual choice.

Body Toning & Polishing Kit
This is my home spa kit, the days I pamper myself with a long ritual. It has a Coffee Body Polishing Oil, Coffee Body Scrub and Coffee Body Lotion. It is useful in exfoliating, polishing, reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

mCaffeine Body toning and polishing kit

The Coffee Polishing Oil is made with coffee, caffeine, rosehip and sweet almond oils. The scrub is a rich blend of coarsely ground coffee grains that gently exfoliate the skin. It also comes with a wooden measuring spoon. If you measure and mix the quantity, then it can last for a longer period. And finally, the body lotion provides the final soothing moisturizing effect with shea butter, white water lily and vitamin C.

I use it once a week and the steps are simple. Massage thoroughly with the oil, use the scrub to exfoliate the body and then moisturize with the lotion.

I like the fresh aromatic fragrance of coffee that lingers on. Also, another plus is that the oil and scrub come in reusable glass containers. I just hope the brand thinks of offering refills in these containers. 

9 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Shop For mCaffeine products

  1. The range of products from Mcaffeine seems really nice. First of all, it uses the time-tested goodness of coffee. Also, the fact that it has pledged to recycle plastic is very commendable.

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